Webmail Storage Quotas – Are They Redundant?

    October 16, 2007

The last time I checked my Gmail quota (actually just a few minutes ago), I was just using 45 megabytes of my 3,373 megabyte quota. So are email quotas irrelevant?

If that’s not enough, over at the Gmail blog, they’ve just mentioned “More Gmail Storage for All

In my opinion, it’s been a brutally effective marketing campaign with the other free email marketing services like Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail upping their 20megabyte and 100megabyte quotas to try to match the (current) market leader.

Will you be able to exhaust it all?

Not likely, unless you’re like the user who “sends minute to minute photo updates of her kids in RAW format”.

More than a handful of Internet marketers I know run their business using primarily their Gmail accounts, but until the process of writing an email evolves beyond drafting a text message with attachments, you might have difficulty making full use of your email quota.

Google’s instant messenger service Google Talk provides text messaging which is then archived in your Gmail account. It’s a good alternative to the other instant messenger services and I’ve been using it more frequently for project collaborations.

Still, do email service quotas mean anything anymore?

If nothing else, it can be therapeutic to see the quota tick upwards when you’re taking a short break…