Warning: Hackers Infecting Twitter Users

    August 5, 2008

Some people get on my case because I don’t follow everyone on Twitter, who follows me. Well, for one thing, I’d never keep up with 3000+ Tweeple, but I also live by my mantra of building meaningful relationships with social media–I don’t care about any popularity contest.

Well, there’s another reason why you–and I–should think twice before we add a friend to Twitter. Viruslist is reporting how easy it easy for hackers to trick Twitter users into downloading Trojan software.

In this case, a sexy girl, an enticing link, and voila!

If you click on the link, you get a window that shows the progress of an automatic download of a so-called new version of Adobe Flash which is supposedly required to watch the video. You end up with a file labeled Adobe Flash (it’s a fake) on your machine; a technique that is currently very popular.

In reality, this is a Trojan downloader that proceeds to download 10 banker Trojans onto the infected machine, all of which are disguised as MP3 files.

Please, be careful who you add as a friend–on any social network–a hacker may not be as obvious as the one above.