Warcraft, Glider Go PvP Over Bot Argument

    March 26, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

An Arizona court received summaries from World of Warcraft parent firm Blizzard and from software developer Michael Donnelly over his MMO Glider program.

The $25 Glider program performs the perfunctory character tasks like grinding and skinning in World of Warcraft. This frees up the player to enjoy other aspects of the game, like Battlegrounds.

Blizzard considers Glider a bot, against its terms of service, and wants Donnelly and Glider grounded for good. Donnelly claimed in an October 2006 filing against Blizzard that three people, one a Blizzard executive, the other a lawyer for the company, the third unidentified, showed up at his home and ordered him to stop violating Blizzard’s rights with the software, then called WoW Glider.

Thinking his company faced an immediate lawsuit from Blizzard, Donnelly’s company filed a request for declatory judgment that Glider does not infringe on Blizzard’s copyrights.

Blizzard counter-sued Donnelly over Glider. As the BBC noted, both sides seek summary judgment in the case, per motions each side filed on March 21.

Attempts at settling the case in October 2007 made some progress, but both sides were too far apart on the issues to come up with a settlement.