Vidi Google Maps, Then Veni and Vici

    September 22, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The ruins of a lost Roman villa was spotted with the help of Google Earth and Google Maps, a serendipitous discovery that had archeologists on the scene minutes later.

You can thank Nathan Weinberg over at Inside Google for translating this tidbit from an Italian newspaper. After running it through BabelFish, all I got was English that looked like it came straight out of Madlibs.

While an Italian blogger was purveying satellite imagery of the Italian town Parma, he noticed some strange shadowy land formations. He beamed his discovery over to the diligent archeologists at Parma’s local university, who arrived there later post haste to dig around.

Beneath those twisty shadows, they found Luca Mori, an ancient Roman villa. Add this to Jesus and the swastika building in San Diego, and we have the beginning of a worldwide scavenger hunt.