VibeAgent Travel Network Upgraded

    September 14, 2007

VibeAgent, a travel site with some social networking characteristics, has introduced a host of upgrades over the past few days.  None of them will blow your mind, but they represent nice extensions of the site’s existing features.

“First up – My Trips,” writes Adam Healey, the company’s cofounder and CEO, on the VibeAgent Blog.  I’ve edited out some exclamation marks and “caps lock” phrases, but he continues, “It’s pretty simple, really . . . .  Post and share your trips.  See where all your friends are going.  All on your Me page.  Now you can keep track of your jet-setting friends as they bounce around the globe living [life].”

Healey goes on to hint at future upgrades, and also notes a current crop of improvements “related to our signup process, meta-search, our hotel pages, and hotel reviews.”  Some pictures of hotels have also been upgraded, and Paige Pooler has provided some custom avatars.  (I hadn’t, to be honest, heard of Pooler, but the illustrator has quite a crop of fans).

It’s a solid renovation, all in all, and one that should make current VibeAgent users all the more loyal to the site.  Whether it can create new fans remains to be seen.

Hat tip to Mashable’s Kristen Nicole.