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Sandy Carter, author of "The New Language of Marketing 2.0" talked with WebProNews about the different aspects of using social media in marketing.

Using Social Media For Marketing

Should businesses be more involved in social media or less involved?

SC: "In today’s economic climate, I would advise companies to be more involved in social media.  The ability to be nimble and move quickly in the market will be THE key element in successful marketing.  Marketing organizations need to ensure they are not reactive to change but driving and leading change in a proactive way.  Social Media allows your company to be more nimble."

SC: "First, it encourages free-flowing experimentation.  You can test an idea online at breakfast and by lunch see the response. You can get fast response and make changes on the fly.   It drives changes in how you listen to your customer.   Blogs for instance allow you to listen into water cooler discussions you never had access to before.  Social Media drives change in how you communicate to the customer as a dialogue versus a broadcast message." Using Social Media For Marketing

  "And messages meant for one type of audience, are being read by all audiences.
And finally, it cuts down costs.   I do not advocate for just using social media techniques however, but rather combining them into your marketing mix allows you to optimize the places where you can maximize their impact."

What are the best ways for companies to get their messages out using blogs?

SC:  Determine your goals for blogging.  "Is it to solicit input and co-create a new product?  For example, IBM’s Project Zero used blogging to get product development direction involving our customers in defining the requirements needed in the marketplace. Make sure you know why you are doing a blog!" 

Be personal.  "Bloggers share personal tidbits about their lives.  Remember that your blog gets you closer to your customer.  It strengthens the relationship. Blogs espouse a world view with the voice of the author reflecting his/her ideas (either knowledge or a unique perspective) that may influence perceptions and position those opinions in the marketplace.   They foster discussion, debate and even a sense of community.  It is most important that you write from the heart."                                            

What do you see as some of the risks with company blogs?

SC: "There are 3 big risks with company blogs." 

"The first is not being honest.  Or pretending to be something that you are not.     There have been several examples where companies have paid others to blog for them.  Then it is exposed that they were sponsoring the site.  Make sure that your blogs reflect the honest facts and truth of your company values."

"Second is not listening.   I think not listening is worse than not even asking.   I have worked with companies who put feedback tactics in place but then ignored the feedback.  Businesses no longer hold absolute sway over the decisions and behavior of consumers."

"And finally, it is consistency.  Developing, planning and maintaining a good blog takes a great deal of time. You must be realistic about the number of posts needed to keep the online relationship with readers alive.   This is a commitment.  You need to understand how much time it takes not only to set it up but to keep it current and exciting. You must keep building your readership and online relationships"

.  "I spend as much time reading other blogs and finding out what’s going on in the blogosphere as I do writing on my own.  To have something to say, you must know what’s being said."

Top 5 Tips for Facebook for Marketing:

(Sandy has extracted the following tips from Chapter 10 of her new

  Use for Marketing 2.0 Intelligence:Jeremiah Owyang, senior analyst at Forrester Research, says profiles and network information, as well as the public groups, provide a way to seek insight online.  Learn about what your customers want!

Use for Advertising: There are a variety of ways to leverage the power of this community with banner ads, news feeds, social ads and flyer ads.  To reach a new audience:  Since neither those under the age of 25 nor those more experienced use email, according to MarketingSherpa Founder Anne Holland, leverage this new social networking tool in place of email.  It can extend your reach online where other means can’t!
Experiment with Fan Pages: These fan pages can be used in place of sponsored groups.
Not a stand alone:   Integrate your Facebook tactics with your overall strategy.  If this is the audience that you need for your product and offerings, leverage as part of the overall go-to market plan. 

Do you think social media is here to stay?

SC: "Yes, social media is here to stay.  For sales it is a new channel, and for marketing it is now part of our marketing mix, forever to stay.  Why?   Marketing is all about relationships and all relationships have a set of common factors.   First, all relationships require listening.  Listening has become core to everything.  Second, in the best relationships, there is a lot of active communication and dialogue.  This dialogue is essential to growth in the relationship. Third, a great relationship is one that is built on honesty." 

"The best way to communicate isn’t about using new media types to be hip and cool; it is about understanding your customers and how you can immerse yourself into their conversation."

How do you think social media and marketing will evolve? What trends do you see?

SC: "As all things change, I know that social media and marketing will evolve.  I think that marketers will have to be more business oriented and more technology savvy.  They will have to be able to show the value of what they are doing in language that the CEO and the CFO understand.  They will also have to be more technical.  This does not mean that marketers need to be technologists.  But they cannot be afraid of technology.   Every marketer needs a set of skills as a user of technology and the new Web 2.0 ways of social networking."

Anything else you would care to add?

SC: "I think social media is very powerful, not because it is cool, fun, and the hot topic right now, but because of the results it can achieve.  Marketers, especially in times of recession, get laid off faster than any other type of senior executive because they’re seen as a cost center and not a value center.  Marketers need to be able to convince their peers and the management team that marketing is essential, as essential and important and critical as a CFO or a CIO.  Understanding the numbers can demonstrate the value."

The New Language Of Marketing 2.0
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  • http://smallbizbee.com Matt | Small Biz Bee

    Social media is here to stay, and will only continue to grow in my opinion. No other advertising medium allows such intimate connection between producer and consumer as social media does. That connection, the feeling of really knowing who you are buying from is a priceless connection an advertiser can make with their audience…social media allows such a connection.


    • http://www.miabellafragrances.com Jamie Volner

      I fully agree with Matt. I’ve been online for 2 years with my business but only truly been using social media for the past 8 months and it has built my customer base up and their loyalty in coming back to my website again and again with repeat business. With social media you are in the spotlight for consumers to see and they do pay attention.

    • Sandy

      I think Social Media is here to stay. But its power will be in how well we can measure and teach the skills!

      Skills are still a big inhibitor!


  • http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1N1-12450637513194B0.html sun times column Blagojevich

    Thanks for the great social marketing tips.

  • http://www.planetberries.com Guest

    We use social media to build our customer loyalty and quite frankly our content by theme. The mere development of the online social market for our clients provides growth exponentially from a pure content perspective.

    If you manage and design your site by theme then the SERS will be far more targeted. Today’s webmaster thinking has changed forever and it’s for the good we believe.

    • sandy

      Tis true and it seems that we company’s start using Social Media, they forget the basics….like value propositions, and differentiation and get caught up in the “vessel”. It is a very interesting phenomenal!

      Good that you are still linking the basics with social media!

  • http://fightface.blogspot.com/ Fight Face

    for someone like me who is very new to social marketing.

    Its all about engaging the visitor and interacting.

    • Sandy

      Engagement is true. But how do you take engagement into action. That is the real test.

      In order for social media to continue to add value, we need to connect all the way through!

  • http://zenzuumania.blogspot.com/ juian

    One social network is already blazing the trails in the involvement of businesses and the social network. The new marketing 2.0 will involve businesses having to be actual members of the social network. Customer loyalty will be extremely high because of the 80% advertising revenue that is shared among all of the free members of the network.

    This type of business model has some of the bigger social networks even blocking the name. Facebook has been trying to get more of a business model. In 2009 they can sit back and take notes.

  • http://www.balistupa.com Bali Web Design

    we know about how powerful blog for marketing. And social media is help us to build community for our business.

  • http://www.diamondonnet.com Diamonds

    First of all, Good tips. I know this works but it just takes a lot if time.

  • http://www.nzrentalcarhire.com New Zealand rental Car

    Some great advice and tips here. Thank you.

  • http://www.firmalatter.dk Ejvind Jacobsen

    I have been reading about this phenomenon for a while now, but I don’t understand what it is about.

    Could someone describe what it actually is about?

    I gather that it somehow involves the people on social networks, but how do you target new customers there?

    I am looking forward to someone explaining what the fuzz is about.

    • Guest

      Great question!!!

      Social media is the online tools that can be used to better reach your customers. For instance, Twitter, which is an online tool that allows you to document in 140 characters or less your thoughts, could be used to drive to events (aka twitter.com/smartsoa). For instance, blogging could be used to share information about your company or to listen to their thoughts (aka http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/SOA_Off_the_Record).

      The point is that online activities is to better connect to your customers. According to IDC, 1 out of 2 online Americans uses social networking services (SNS) and the number of U.S. SNS users has grown 10% in the past year!

      So consider it as simply as using technology and online tools to better customize, collaborate, and co create with your customers. The 3 C’s as I call them!

      Let me know if that helps!!! Sandy

      • http://www.firmalatter.dk Ejvind Jacobsen

        Thanks Sandy and others who have given a reply.

        It seems this homepage idea was very simple to begin with. Put your name out there, and someone will find you.

        Today with 100’s of millions of homepages, people won’t find you, unless you find ways to draw their attention.

        I guess social Media is great, but why are people there in the first place? To buy products? Hardly.

        I suspect people want to meet people – that’s why they use nong and facebook and… , and then our advertisements “just happen” to pop up, if they have an interest in our product. Hmmm. I know it’s clever, but if this was TV, would it be allowed? I mean can you use any method to get people’s attention on TV. I know there is no 2 way communication on TV, and that is why we haven’t seen “Smart advertising”, but it sure looks like it is coming through the internet.

        Well I hope we will also start policing this ourselves as advertisers.

  • http://lexolutionit.com Maneet

    Social media optimization is a website has come to become an indispensible marketing tool. Social networks help to create awareness about your buisness at the grassroot level and also provides a platform for direct interaction with your niche audience and industry segments.

  • John

    and an important one that should not be overlooked.

    Social media allows anyone to post comments about your business, whether thy are true/false, accurate/inaccurate. There is little or no moderation, and one unsubstantiated remark can damage a business greatly such is the scope of this media. It used to be competitors clicking through a business’ Google adwords, now it’s “free speech”. Now unscrupulous competitors or even irate customers (and we all have these on occasion whetehr we ar a good or bad business ) can damage a business long term.

    Yes, the socla media arena has huge potential and is growing but where is the “policing” of it with regard fraudulent use and abuse? The trouble with all these new virtual spaces is that policing/sensible moderation takes a back seat!

    • Guest

      I would say that most groups self police. For instance, when a group posted non positive comments about my product, the number of people who were non IBMers who countered the information was amazing. In fact, so overwhelming, that he wanted to speak to IBM about the new products and I jumped on it and called him! One year later he became a reference for me and Spoke at one of my conferences.

      I realize that this is not always the case however I do think the community does help in policing!

      What do you think?

  • http://freedomyourlive.blogspot.com adie

    Great idea..
    i’m ready to be a follower

    • Guest

      Is there any help that I can provide? Are you using Twitter?

  • http://blog.webinarresources.com/blog/webinar-resources Carolyn Hasenfratz

    At the company I work for, we are using blogging as part of our marketing mix. Here are some blog posts I’ve written on the subject of Social Media and it’s use in business:

    My Entry into Social Media

    Social Media in Business – Part of 1 of 4: EMAIL

    Social Media in Business – Part of 2 of 4: LEVELS OF AVAILABILITY

    Social Media in Business – Part of 3 of 4: OFFERING A PREFERENCE OF AVAILABILITY

    Social Media in Business – Part of 4 of 4: Provide the same level of respect online as you would in a on-site meeting

    Please feel free to add comments if you have any thoughts you want to share on what I wrote.

    It was brought up in the comments above that one of the things about blogging that is scary for a business is giving viewers of your blog some control by letting them comment on your blog posts. In our case, the blogging software we use is set up so that any comments (as well as employee blog posts) have to be approved by the moderator (my boss) first before they go live. That is one way to control how people behave on your own blog. But you can’t control how people behave on blogs you don’t own, so it makes sense to monitor what other people are saying about you, and perhaps if you have the opportunity, give your side of the story. Another way to combat unfavorable publicity is to make sure that web sites controlled by you are at the top of the search engine results at all times, and since blogs are very search engine friendly, they are a great way to help you maintain dominance in the search engines.

    The last three presentations on this page here might be of interest to anyone who blogs for their business or is thinking about doing it:

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    I agree, Mike. Social marketing is great. I’m on FaceBook, MySpace and many other social sites for the purpose of socially marketing my safety and security web site as well as raising awareness for it’s products.

    I’ve even placed links to my profiles on my “about us” page and added a forum (http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com/forum) to give helpful information to my customers.

    It takes time to do it correctly and you make some friends along the way but it truly is a great way to get in touch with potential customers and market your product or service.

  • http://www.atlantadentalcenter.com/invisalign-atlanta.php Invisalign Atlanta

    These are some great tips and the blog tips are really great for any business blog, I’m glad I read this article. I’ll be putting in some of those tips on my blogs.

  • http://www.astucesweb.com/ AstucesWeb

    With the advent of Social Networking, and the growth in the penetration of Internet, the concept of marketing has undergone a complete overhaul. You can target your potential customers with the judicious use of keywords/tags. There are even ways and means of targeting a particular geographical region on the globe. And the best part is that you can see the results of your efforts in a matter of days from the traffic flow to your website.

  • http://diamondistrict.net Lydia

    I have learned so much about blogging and driving traffic to my site by social networking. A lot of information I have received I found for sale when I was doing research on my own. Since I have joined ning sites, myspace, and facebook I have established good business relationships.

  • http://hubpages.com/hub/Stop-Computer-Freezing stop computer freezing

    Social media is going to be the #1 marketing landscape of the future. Learn to adopt it or risk being burned!

  • http://www.rankbetterseo.com raleigh web design

    Thanks everyone for this great info about social media.

  • http://www.redboxstudio.com/blog Krista

    Great article. Social media is like any other tool – it must be put to GOOD use rather than for frivolous stuff and for talking at other people. Most people Twitter or Facebook like they’re the divas of the Internet world and that they’re so important. I’ve used Twitter to find my current staff, I’ve used it to get opinions on what I should do or should not do and of course, I’ve used it to share good articles (like this) with others. The key to a good social media conversation is very much like a regular conversation – not only should you speak but you should be silent and listen while the other person speaks. Keep respect and humility in the conversation and do not attempt to push your opinion down other people’s throats.

    • http://www.websoftware.com affiliate marketing software

      I agree with you. there are so many people trying to out do everyone with the coolest post.

  • http://car2be.com/ Used Dodge

    As all things change, I know that social media and marketing will evolve. I think that marketers will have to be more business oriented and more technology savvy. They will have to be able to show the value of what they are doing in language that the CEO and the CFO understand. They will also have to be more technical. This does not mean that marketers need to be technologists. But they cannot be afraid of technology. Every marketer needs a set of skills as a user of technology and the new Web 2.0 ways of social networking.”

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