Ups and Downs with Offline Blog Editors

    April 9, 2006

Upward movement with new beta versions of a couple of offline blog editors I’m trying out:

ecto for Windows 2: Release candidate number 1 is now available. As I mentioned recently, this new version has WYSIWYG editing and other improvements over the current version 1.8.8. Some rough edges remain, though, even in RC1. Still, I think version 2 when released should prove to be a tempting upgrade.

Qumana 3 for Windows and Mac: Now in beta 3, this free Java-based application gets better with each beta. I’ve been using the Windows version and it is good – good enough for Lycos to offer it as the Lycos-Qumana Desktop Blog Editor which Qumana announced last week.

If I had to make a choice I would use ecto for Windows. That’s because it’s a tool I’ve been using since 2004, I know it pretty well, I’m more or less comfortable with it (I have a love/hate relationship with it) and is the one I fall back to after trying everything else.

Which brings me to the opposite of good work with blog editors. That’s Rocketpost. Whatever you do, do not waste money on buying Rocketpost. The application and the developer’s non-existent support is so appalling that you will experience grief if you do.

But let’s conclude on a positive note. If you need a reliable tool for managing your blog posts, you do have some good choices. ecto (Windows and Mac) and Qumana (Windows/Mac) as I mentioned. Plus BlogJet (Windows, and which I also have and use now and again). There’s also BlogDesk, a free post editor for Windows.

There are others, too – if you Google “offline blog editors,” you’ll find more. So plenty of choice.

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