Up Close and Personal with Mobile Google

    June 27, 2006

On Monday, the Google Press Center released word of (yet another) new direction for the company.

Best known for its dominance among search engines, Google announced “several mobile services that further demonstrate its commitment to making the mobile phone a more convenient and dependable device for accessing useful and relevant information while on the go.”

One of these services is the popular Gmail. The press release proclaims that “Gmail users will no longer have to worry about missing important email. Gmail users now have quick and easy access to their Gmail account directly from their mobile devices.”

This may sound like a minor accomplishment, but some of the details are interesting.

“Gmail automatically optimizes the interface for each phone. Users can also view attached photos and documents from their phone, and reply-by-call to people whose phone number is stored in their Gmail account.” Additionally, “Gmail messages are automatically synchronized . . .”

Google News is also on the move – assuming that you and your cell phone are, anyway. Formerly in beta, the technology is now ready to go.

“Mobile phone users will now be able to search and read the latest headlines quickly and easily on their web-enabled mobile devices,” the release said.

The third mobile service is the Google Personalized Home, which the release defined as “a new service that enables users to access their personalized Google homepage.”

These will all be available for free, and should “work with most web-enabled mobile phones.” Users should beware any Web access charges from their carriers, but beyond that, these Google services look like solid offerings.

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