UK Mobile Users Want Better Ads

    August 13, 2007

Seven in 10 UK mobile phone users believe marketing offers sent by their carriers are not relevant to them. Close to two-thirds of these users are unhappy with the spam, according to a Pontis- commissioned survey done by Gfk NOP.

Just 11 percent of respondents had made a purchase or signed up for an offer because of an online ad from their mobile carrier.

Three-quarters of 45-to 54 year olds and 78 percent of 55-to64 year olds viewed the ads they received as irrelevant to them. Over half of teenagers and young adults felt the same way.

Around half of 25-to-34-year olds said that they would be open to switching carriers if it offered them ads and services that fit their lifestyles.

"On one hand [the findings about mobile carriers] show that their inability to tailor services and content to the individual user’s interests and situation is not only failing to attract new revenue streams but – even worse – it’s alienating their customer base," Guy Talmi, senior marketing director at Pontis.

"On the other hand, it clearly points to a major opportunity for those operators who can harness vital information about a user’s interests and behavior and offer them relevant services at the right time, as a large number of users would be willing to change suppliers for just such a service."