Two “Must’s” in e-Marketing

    June 14, 2001

-Must make them see you in 60 characters or less.

Where do you advertise? Links, FFA’s, Classified ads, opt-in email, news groups, message boards, search engines? All of them are limited in how many characters you can use. In the ocean of ads, you have to grab the viewers attention, then make them click.

Grabbing there attention does not mean SHOUTING! Viewers tend to see all CAPs as spam. Better to use spacing to grab initial attention. Example:

[Subject] Make Money Under One Plan!! this is HOT see what you think Internet Spy Kit!!! Kill Your Credit Card Debt! Bologna Sandwiches… Opportunity Triple your Income/ 1 Million Emails Retire Working at Home!!

Some use a trick with characters to try to get you to see them. I don’t mind this is it is not used to extreme.

[Subject] Make Money Under One Plan!! this is HOT see what you think Internet Spy Kit!!! Kill Your Credit Card Debt! >>>Bologna Sandwiches<<< Opportunity Triple your Income/ 1 Million Emails Retire Working at Home!! You'll notice I used another trick for attention getting. Getting to the meat of the matter, don't you want to find out why someone would have a link about bologna sandwiches? Be careful with this one though. If you use it in an email campaign, it better be humorous or about bologna sandwiches, or your email recipients may call it spam. [Body] "...with 45 easy payments of $499.99, you'll still be able to afford bologna sandwiches." That might be hard to stomach. Usually a question that needs to be answered is good for a headline. You have to read the email or click the link to get the answer. [Subject] "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" [Body] "Practice!" In a banner advertising campaign, where I'm actually using a button, I have been getting a good response using very simple text. "Webtools" is the text and the button is sent to a specific audience of webmasters. Out of the masses of ads, you have made them see yours. It's not as simple as that, but out of trial and error and tracking I found out what works for me. You have to find what works for you, because there are various ways to get from point A to point B. Ezine Adswap Tracker Pro Wise Wolf Pages 2001 Adtrackz -Must bring them (back) to your website.

Sometimes you have to hold your prospective visitors by the hand and drag them to your website. A great tool to help with this is called an autoresponder. The better ones are time delayed and handle multiple messages.

Instead of sending the recipient information or ads with each message, invite them to come (or come back) to your site to receive a freebie. Don’t use same freebie in each message as this message will get thrown away or opted-out. Offer something unique pertaining to your website once a week.

If you offer the same thing everyone else does, the tendency will be to ignore your message. Do you offer your own software, ebooks, or samples of your product? Maybe a discount coupon?

Active E-Book Compiler

The objective is to get visitors to your website. This method not only works in autoresponders, but in your opt-in list and ezine as well and is not limited to them.

Thinking outside the box and being innovative will bring surprise results (though not always good ones). To be cutting edge, new ways have to be discovered, but don’t lose your basics.

The end result you want to achieve is getting visitors and changing your visitors into customers. No matter how you get visitors to your site, you must have a quality product and/or fantastic customer service.

The ideas given here are a drop in the bucket of imaginative resources. If you can master these two “Must’s”, you’re on your way to becoming the internet marketing virtuoso. Read, study, invent.

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