Twitter Takes SMS Tweeting to Australia

    December 23, 2009
    Chris Crum

Twitter has partnered with Telstra to launch Twitter SMS in Australia.

"As always, it is free to receive notifications and standard text messaging rates apply to sending," says Twitter’s Kevin Thau. "It’s the same pricing as sending and receiving text messages from friends."

SMS Tweeting Comes to Australia

To use the feature, users can simply send "START" to 0198089488. This page shows all of the official Twitter Text Commands. Twitter recommends Aussies follow the following accounts:

@australian (News from The Australian newspaper)
@delta_goodrem (Musician)
@kyleandjackieo (Australia’s #1 radio show)
@DanniiMinogue (Team Minogue judge for The X Factor)
@KevinRuddPM (Prime Minister)

To follow via SMS, just send "FOLLOW" and the username.

Twitter says more countries and more carriers will be coming soon. Aside from Australia, Twitter already has such support for the US, Canada, UK, India, Indonesia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

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