TV Web Sites Attracting Online Viewers

Traditional TV still preferred

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Even with the growing popularity of watching television content online, the majority (94%) of adults still prefer to watch television on traditional TV sets, according to research from Nielsen for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM).

One-third of broadband users (35%) surveyed for the study said they had watched at least one TV program on the Internet. Those who were looking for video content online, 87% watched TV shows from a network TV Web site. Eighty-two percent who watched video online said they were looking for specific programs that they had missed when they were first broadcast.

Online television viewers are doing more than just watching programs they missed. Thirty-nine percent use the Internet to get information on actors and upcoming shows. Others are going online for behind the scenes video clips (27%), to view an interview with a cast member (26%), and to watch bloopers (22%).

Asked about their favorite online content categories, 53 percent said they favored movie trailers, followed by user generated videos (45%), music videos and news clips (37%), comedy programs (31%), and sports clips (31%).

Overall, the study found that people are spending more time online each week than they were two years ago. Fifty-one percent said they went online for at least three hours a week last year. In 2005, just 41 percent said they spent three or more hours online per week.

"With so many viewing options now available via digital technology, it’s more important than ever to understand how people are consuming media," said Susan Whiting, Executive Vice President, The Nielsen Company.

TV Web Sites Attracting Online Viewers
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  • http://www.e-commercewebdesign.co.uk Adam – Ecommerce Web Design

    The reason is obvious. Most people still access the Internet with traditional desktop PCs which are often loacted in the study, where you sit on desk chairs.

    This isn’t the way people are used to watching TV – on a couch, with a larger screen in the living room etc..

    Until teh Internet is directly accessible from standard TV’s this trend won’t change much I think.

  • http://tropicat.wordpress.com TropiCat

    There are a lot of people in the world that have no other options. I am one of them living in the jungle of Central America.

    We get our daily news online with our morning coffee, and in the evening watch our favorite shows online. So we are very grateful that Online TV has become easily available and accessible!

  • http://www.rpgdesigns.net RPG Designs – Website Design

    I think we’ll see a definite growing trend here.   The idea is to turn the boob tube into a computer based system, not unlike Tivo.  Without having to remember to record shows, it would be nice to pick and choose what you’d like to watch on demand whether its the news,  an old TV favorite or a recent released movie.  Hulu.com is doing pretty much that with it’s release of movies and TV shows.  These do have commercial advertising attached to the programs, but they are far more bearable than a standard TV commercial and much shorter (15- 30 seconds).  The only thing you need is a larger flat panel monitor which is cheaper than buying a flat panel TV and remote control for your computer (just check out the possibilities) and presto, you’ve got your cake and eating it on the couch too!  I love not worrying about missing the 9:00 news segment, rather I can get it when I want it.

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