TV Ad Estimates from Google

    February 23, 2009
    Chris Crum

It appears that television advertising is following a different trend than many have expected. Advertising Age is citing data from a recent study (due out soon) from Nielsen indicating that its doing better than ever. Some may find this a bit surprising with the increasing popularity of DVRs and online video.

Interestingly enough, TV advertising seems to be complimenting online marketing efforts, driving traffic to the web. AdAge says nearly a third of search queries for brands studied are driven by offline ads, namely TV.

Marketers want better ways to measure their TV ads. Google, who launched "reach and frequency reports" for its own TV ad platform within AdWords last year, has now launched reach and frequency estimates within its forecasting tool.

"Now, you can get an idea of whether your campaign is likely to achieve your reach and frequency goals before your ad airs, allowing you to adjust your campaign to achieve your optimal reach and frequency before you spend a dime," explains Andrew Poon, Product Manager for Google TV Ads.

Estimated Weekly Impressions

You can review estimates for total impressions, unique impressions, and average weekly frequency. This is the total impressions divided by unique impressions, showing you how many times a TV will display your ad, within the set of all TVs that display it at least once. To review reach and frequency estimates, simply:

1. Create a new campaign or edit an existing campaign
2. Click on "Calculate weekly estimates" on the "Set pricing" page
3. Look for the section called "Weekly Reach and Frequency Estimates"
4. View the average frequency and unique reach numbers
5. Make adjustments based on your target reach and frequency

With tightened marketing budgets all around, tools like this can greatly reduce wasted ad dollars. Furthermore, considering that offline advertising is driving online results, webmasters might not want to overlook the potential of such tools either.