Tracking Overture Campaigns with Google AdWords

    January 22, 2005

This is really interesting. As Candida writes on Silicon Valley Watcher: Check out Google’s latest …

… “they’ve improved the Adwords Conversion Tracking so that you can track conversions not just from Adwords, but also Overture, emails, banner ads, and all other sorts of online advertising campaigns. This allows the merchant to compare the campaigns against each other.

Yes, you can track Overture campaigns within your Google Adwords account. “

That kinda reminds me of something I suggested a few years back: let Yahoo Auctions users pay for their purchases with PayPal. Of cousre, that came to pass several years later (2004, IIRC). Too late in my mind, but it did happen.

The point here is simple: giver users what they want, where they want it and they’ll use it–especially if you simplify things in the process.

It’s like that old saying: The customer is always right.

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