Tongue In Cheek With Oral Pixation

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Recently (very), we reported about the upcoming “happening” set up by self-named Oral Pixation, who asks the world to show what’s in its mouth and post the photos up on Flickr – on April Fool’s Day. We caught up with “Oral” via email for a look inside the horse’s mouth.

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Oral, or “oP,” as he refers to himself, answers in the esoteric, riddling fashion you would expect of a modern technological artist – anonymously cryptic, dropping one carelessly into his mind in medias res.

Oral gives us at least some concept of who he is (or perhaps a reflective accomplice) through a picture of an open mouth, decently cared for choppers, some freckles, and what appears to be an orange wad of chewing gum.

But what’s the point?

“Love. Love of an idea. Love of a concept. Love of lips. Love of dentistry. Love of sweets. Love of hot sauce. Love of chewing gum. Love of cigarettes. Love of lollipops. Love of cameras. Love of meat. Love of broccoli. Love of rain. Love of snowflakes. Love of lipstick. Love of pictures. Love of vanity. Love of art.”

He left out love of the word “love.” Perhaps it was my mistake to jump the train of thought that delivered the “What’s in your mouth?” concept. So who is this guy?

“My name isn’t important,” he said. “I am an idea and that’s all.”

And really, who isn’t?

Even ideas get around to places like Foo Camp, Lift ’06, SxSw, Santacon, Ididorod, citywide pillow fights, subway parties and scooter rallies, all while looking at food porn.

These things, says oP, are the bricklayers for building a “happening” such as this one. They also give you clues to his identity. How many people could he be?

Trying to be slick, I looked up the Whois registry for oralpixation.com. It’s registered to Oral Pixation of Brooklyn, New York.

“I have been a member of many events that once concluded take on a life of their own,” he said. The photos from these events create a sort of “documentary view” of the mundane and the sublime.

“With the convergence of digital media, so many dorks are also bad ass photographers. I wanted an absolute absurdity of these different events, but at the same time, something universal, something heavenly and sinful.”

Yeah, but why mouths?

“‘Cause kisses are sweet.”

I see. Aren’t you concerned that this will become a magnet for porn uploads? Asking people to upload what’s in their mouths could get a little nasty.

“Sure, but that’s a negative viewpoint. I think if you give people the responsibility and tell them to be nice, 99% of them will not take advantage. If 1% are naughty, good. We are all devious at times.”

Okay, so it’s art imitating life imitating Tom Foolery. I get it. Many are already speculating it’s a weird existential joke. Why April Fool’s Day?

“Another reason to question reality. And of course, for the eXtream absurdity.”

Indeed. So what do you hope to accomplish?

“Three or four good meals. The intersection of synthetic and natural realities, a cool story to tell the world – immortality.”

Hope that works out for ya, Mr. Pixation, and I don’t mean that “tongue in cheek.”

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Tongue In Cheek With Oral Pixation
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