The Untapped eBook Market

    December 20, 2002

There’s a tremendous market that most if not all ebook authors and publishers are overlooking. Why they overlook this market is beyond me, maybe it’s because they are stuck on the notion that the only people who will buy and read their ebooks are the people that buy and read printed books.

Folks, these people could care less about reading an ebook. This is a fact! Let’s look at a few of the reasons that the average printed book reader will not read an ebook.

    1. This is an obvious one, they do not have a computer or an
    ebook reading device.

    2. They are new to computers and can’t figure out what an ebook

    3. They dislike reading long books on their computer screen.

There are numerous other reasons that many people will not buy or read an ebook, but I will not go into them here. What you need and want to know is, where are the people that will buy and read your ebooks. Right?

The first thing you will need to do in order to reach this gigantic and practically untapped market, is to stop comparing ebooks with printed books. They are not the same things, pure and simple. Start thinking of ebooks as software programs, because this is what an ebook is. Yes, you heard right, ebooks are software programs.

The best example of selling an ebook as software is the “Video Professor” program, which is no more than a multimedia ebook on a CD. Are you starting to see where I’m heading and where this huge market is? If not, keep reading and I will clue in.

Now that you know ebooks are really software programs, you are ready to think about the best way to reach the people in this underdeveloped market. Let’s look at who these people are, number one they either own a computer, PDA, or other handheld ebook reading device. Number two, they did not buy their computer, PDA, or handheld device in a bookstore. And, number three they don’t go looking in bookstores to buy software for their equipment.

So as you can see, if you want to reach these people you will need to make sure they can get your software/ebook in the places they buy their software from. Get it? Good, I knew you would.

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