The Secret Benefits of Reselling eBooks & Software

    December 14, 2005

When I started out back in 1998, there was a lot of junk on the web. Really useless junk that internet marketers tried desperately to make a buck with.

Well, that’s about all they did make – a few bucks. eBooks were still a very new concept and it would take all these years for them to reach the level of demand you see today.

The concept of reselling digital goods like ebooks and software has been around as long as I remember, but there has never been a time when the quality of products and methods for profiting with them has been so easy. For anyone starting out in the internet marketing game, reselling digital goods is a great place to start. If you already have an existing website, these products can make a great addition both in attracting new customers to your site, as well as generating extra profits.

Benefits of Reselling eBooks & Software:

– Most reseller packages contain everything you need to get started. A good reseller package includes all the sales materials, instructions, and graphics to start selling the same day.

– Your small investment turns into long-term profits. Once you purchase a product with resell rights, you can often sell the product for whatever price you choose and with the ease of automated orders & deliveries, you have a system which can generate profits for years. It’s a simple “Buy Once, Profit Forever” concept that works extremely well and is the backbone of many internet marketer’s success.

– Boost traffic and revenue to an existing website. Finding related products to resell from your website can only benefit you by attracting more visitors and boosting revenues. Think about it, if you add ten extra products to your website, each with their own search engine optimized page, you could pull in 100’s or 1000’s of new visitors every month. So what if they’ve seen or boughten this same product before? You can simply add a display of your other products on the same page, so that they are introduced to your main products.

– Affiliate program visibility & expansion. If you run your own affiliate program, then you already know how powerful it is in generating sales and traffic. Most affiliate programs are set up through networks where 100’s or 1000’s of products are displayed for affiliates to choose from. It can be easy for your affiliate program to get lost in the crowd. Remember, many affiliate networks consist of 1000’s or 10,000+ affiliates looking for programs to promote. If you add 10-12 new products into the affiliate network, you are increasing your visibility among other other sellers, and reaching even more affiliates for your products. A large number of those affiliates will visit your site and may notice that you offer even more affiliate programs for them to promote. This gives you a great advantage over other sellers using the same affiliate network. The added bonus is that those affiliates may decide they want to buy your products themselves! Another win-win situation.

– Offering visitors a bonus. Many ebooks with resell rights allow you to offer them as a “bonus” whenever someone purchases your own product. This is a great way to boost sales as it adds more value to the purchase. It also gives you an edge on the competition.

As you can see, reselling ebooks and software gives you many advantages in boosting your internet marketing revenues and website traffic. To overlook these products because of pride or preconceived notions about these types of products is like having a winning lottery ticket and throwing it in the garbage.

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