The Sales and Marketing Myth

    August 22, 2003

There is one myth about sales and marketing we need to address. The myth is: Mass marketing eliminates (or replaces) the need for personal, one-on-one sales.

Few entrepreneurs and fewer company managers realize that you build sales and marketing on the firm foundation of successful ťone-on-oneŤ sales of your product, in which the sales rep is selling ťin-personŤ to the customer standing before him.

If you don’t have this, you can forget everything else.

True, if you establish really good marketing, based on a successful ťone-on-oneŤ sales process, you may not need to do ťone-on-oneŤ selling anymore.

Here?s how this would work: you must, for example, write such a good sales letter that it matches exactly the customer?s ?thought process.? It must answer all major questions that your customer has in his head at that moment and this entails that you know what your customer?s ?trigger? or ?hot button? is so you can push it, etc. In the end, you have to influence him so much that his ?most ordinary and natural response? is to purchase.

This way you can establish a process (or system) that will sell even without the physical presence of you or your customer.

However, if you don?t know what influences one person to make a decision to buy your product or service, it will be useless to try the above with any marketing approach.

Thus, you have to know how your customer responds when he stands in front of your salesperson during his or her sales presentation ? first! Then use and apply this knowledge to other ?forms of delivery,? like sales letters, commercials, flyers, etc!

It is true that sometimes marketing will be successful without that approach; but it will be a matter of luck and not the result of a systematic process that you can duplicate repeatedly (which is what your goal is, I believe).

And that is what we want to do: identify and apply a process we can clearly define, support and maintain, re-establish, upgrade and duplicate every possible way, all the time, at every place, with anyone.

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