The “How to Beat Google” Series

    March 30, 2007

Rich Skrenta is running a series on his blog called How To Beat Google, detailing the strategies needed to defeat Google in the marketplace, and consequently, showing exactly what Google’s competitors are doing wrong. The advice includes:

  • Duplicating Google is uninteresting and will have no pull
  • You need to segment the market, create a new category of search
  • The innovation needs to be in the index, not the interface
  • Users will not do extra work
  • You cannot look like Google and expect to beat Google

That, and a lot more (and a lot more analysis) is just in part one. There’s already a look at part one, and I can’t wait for part two.

Personally, here’s how I would beat Google:

  • Convince Google to buy a top ten website for over a billion dollars
  • Sue website for a billion dollars
  • Create massive competitors from the largest corporations on the planet, corporations that buy lots of advertising and own all the major media
  • Hold a long battle vs. Google for control of the market the acquisition is in
  • Bleed Google dry