Telephone Collection Tips

    April 9, 2003

Advantages & Tips for Collecting by Telephone

Inexpensive – Compared to personal visits and individually typed letters

Immediate – Produces some sore of answer the moment the contact is made

Personal – Allows an exchange between two people

Informative – Allows you to ask questions, obtain information and take appropriate action

Flexible – Approach can be varied as changing situations demand

It should result in agreement as to what is to be done

Use voice mail or answering machines if available. Leave detailed complete messages and speak slowly

Always be courteous

When asked why you are calling, never say it is in regards to a debt, regarding an invoice is better

Create a send of urgency by leaving a deadline time to hear from them

Get the name of a person in charge of issuing checks or paying bills

Ask for the best time to call them in the future

Leave complete messages, your name, company name, phone number, and the request for a return call

Get the name of the person taking the message

Ask when the person you need to speak with will be back, andcall at that time

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