Technorati Moves Into the Fast Lane

    November 22, 2005

Like a hot car, speed and performance are a standard many businesses shoot for, especially when the business is competitive. Back in July, David Sifry, CEO at Technorati, had his folks start working under the hood. The results are becoming apparent as his crew begins to turn up the idle and rev the engine.

Sifry’s been detailing some of the work on his blog. He happily points out Technorati’s uptime has improved by 100% in the past month. Sifry said their overall traffic has increased according to GrabPerf.

He also said Technorati’s index is the most comprehensive with the fastest updates. He said the index is three years old and currently tracks over 21.5 million blogs, 280 million unique posts and over 1.7 billion links indexed. This includes over 60,000 new blogs each day and over 700,000 new posts per day. The median index time is under three minutes.

This makes Technorati the fastest blog search engine, faster than Yahoo or Google either one. It looks like Technorati is really starting to tweak their engine and get it to cruising speeds.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.