Technorati Gets “Major Update”

    July 24, 2006

Technorati founder and CEO Dave Sifry made a big entry on the site’s Weblog today to celebrate its third birthday and announce a number of updates. A lot of the changes appear to reflect users’ suggestions, and he noted, “This is just a start – there’s more to come.”

The site improvements cover a wide range of areas. “Technorati’s rolled out a major update to our site and to our back-end systems,” Sifry wrote. “We’ve made some major speed and accuracy improvements in core search,” he noted, saying, “Link counting is a lot more accurate and timely.”

The Technorati CEO listed some new features, including “Discover, which is topic-based, Favorites, which gives YOU the power to pick your favorite blogs, and Popular, which algorithmically derives the most linked-to items in the last few days.”

“Better charts, more real-time spam detection and elimination, more real-time media indexing, microformats integration, and additional localization and language support” are among the things Sifry intends to introduce to the site in the future.

And if this is all sounding a little too technical to you, never fear – “while we love expert bloggers, we’ve also spent a lot of time making Technorati understandable to normal people,” Sifry wrote.

He concluded his Weblog entry by thanking “the entire team at Technorati for all the hard work they put into this, and also to all of our great alpha and beta testers, who gave us such great feedback prior to the launch.” My vote for MVP goes to Sunshine, Technorati’s Garbage Inspector and Mascot.

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