Technorati Bug Raises MSN Spaces Blogs Temporarily

    April 23, 2006

I see some people are talking about Technorati’s top 100 blogs list (more on this issue on Memeorandum) and the fact that several MSN Spaces blogs appeared in high spots on that list in the past few days and that some “A list” bloggers, like Dave Winer, were no longer on the list.

Today at the Maker Faire I bumped into head technologist for Technorati, Tantek Celik, and founder Dave Sifry. Both said that there was a bug in the code that generated that list that should be fixed by tomorrow. The bug let the list follow blogrolls that used the “nofollow” HTML attribute, which made some blogs appear higher than they should have.

Oh, looks like the bug fix has been checked in. Dave Winer’s famous blog is back on the list.

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