Survey Finds Split In Online And Mobile Use

    May 7, 2007

When it comes to how Americans use and view technology, a new survey classifies users into three groups.

According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 31 percent are elite technology users, 20 percent are moderate users and the rest have little or no use of the Internet or mobile devices.

Within each group, Americans are further divided in how they use technology.

In the elite category 8 percent are considered to be "omnivores" who embrace technologies and participate in a variety of online activities such as blogging or managing their own Web pages.

Seven percent fall into the category of  "connectors" who view the Internet and mobile devices as communication tools.

"Productivity enhancers" comprise 8 percent in the elite category, they have a positive view of technology and use it to manage their jobs and daily life.

Eight percent are considered "lackluster veterans" those who use technology such as the Internet frequently but are not necessarily fans of it.

Moderate users were divided into "mobile centrics", those who fully embrace their mobile devices and those who are in the category of "connected but hassled" who use technology frequently but are bothered by the connectivity.

The Pew survey also revealed that 15 percent of Americans do not have a mobile device or an Internet connection. Another 15 percent are light users of technology and are satisfied with its offerings while 11 percent use technology but it does not play an important role in their daily lives.