Suck Quieter, Lest They Make A Website About It

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Pick whichever cliché you like: what goes around comes around; you catch more flies with honey; adding insult to injury; cutting off your nose to spite your face; his butt would make Harold a Sunday face. They all could apply here – maybe not that last one; just something my grandfather used to say.

Suck Quieter, Lest They Make A Website About It
Suck Quieter, Lest They Make A Website About It

In general though, you want good publicity, and you want good business reviews to come to the limelight. Bad reviews, you’d do well to sweep them under the rug and hope nobody notices. The last thing you want to do, especially when competition in your sector is rather steep, is bring attention to customers that aren’t very happy with you.

Somebody in Lowes’ PR department should let somebody in Legal know that. Bad reviews and botched installs are bad for business, but bringing more attention to them by making a customer who was already angry enough to set up Lowes-Sucks.com angrier via cease-and-desist letters isn’t going to help.

Allen has pictures of the $3,500 fence he says Lowes installed around his yard. They aren’t pretty. He asked Lowes to repair it, says Consumerist, but they gave him the runaround instead, and when he refused to pay for it, they sent him up for collections.

And well, that’s when Lowes-Sucks.com was set up. Shortly after, Lowes attorneys were sending him nasty letters about trademark violations, even though a lawsuit probably won’t make it very far. Seems criticism is still protected speech in these parts.

So, from this vantage point anyway, what could have been fixed quietly and cheaply (not so much cheaply as virtually cost-free) is now gaining a lot more bad publicity than the company would probably like, while turning at least a few heads towards competitors.

Suck Quieter, Lest They Make A Website About It
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