Storage Costs Continue to Drop

    December 28, 2004

After reading the /. story about IBM trying to build a 100TB tape drive, I found myself over on …

… (which lamely uses frames and makes it hard to bookmark the page I want you to see).

I like figuring out three things:

  1. Where’s the current sweet spot in SATA drive prices?
    250GB for $120
  2. How much does a Terabyte cost?
    $480 buys you four 250GB disks
  3. How much space can $1000 buy?
    2TB and you’d have money left over to pay for shipping on the order

That’s freakin’ amazing!

I just wish laptop sized hard disks didn’t lag so far behind. This 80GB disk seems downright tiny in comparison to what I could buy in a 3.5 inch form factor.

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