Stone: Twitter Not Interested In Video

    October 12, 2009

Twitter users shouldn’t feel any pressure to start carrying around bags of cosmetics or spare shirts.  A rumor that Twitter might introduce a "video tweeting" option has been denied by cofounder Biz Stone.

Yesterday, Amy Willis wrote, "Twitter users may soon be posting real-time video tweets in addition to text tweets under plans to modernise the site. . . .  The upgrade, which is being discussed by Twitter’s founders, will enable Twitter users to upload brief video snippets to their profiles directly from mobile phones, laptops and other devices."

Biz StoneAnd this would make sense from a certain perspective.  New features can attract fresh users and excite old ones.  Since Hitwise figures indicate that the amount of time people spend on Twitter has dropped 56 percent in the last year, a development that would shake things up may be in order, too.

However, it doesn’t look like Twitter’s going to break with tradition anytime soon.  Pete Cashmore asked Biz Stone about the video tweet rumor, and Stone responded in an email, "Haven’t read the piece but no video hosting.  140 characters of text including spaces.  You know the drill!"

This is likely to come as a relief to people who like Twitter the way it is.  Downsides (apart from the pressure to appear on camera) might have included additional "noise" and even more outages.