Sony PSP Upgrade Can Be Downgraded

    September 29, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Those enterprising hackers who found their hacks unusable in newer PSPs due to a firmware update can fix that issue now.

Howard Stringer’s crew at Sony Computer Entertainment is not going to be pleased about the MPH firmware downgrade. The Register and other sites disclosed the availability of the downgrade utility.

While the vast majority of hackers were creating useful utilities and finding uses beyond game and movie playing on the PSP, there were plenty of people trading PSP games online. Downgrading the firmware probably reverses Sony’s efforts to thwart that piracy.

Utilities haven’t been the only reason for hacking the PSP. A variety of emulators, notably one for GameBoy Advance games, allow releases for other platforms to be played on the PSP.

File sharing has been another popular focus for PSP hackers. Methods for swapping videos and MP3 files between PSPs can be found online. Meanwhile, someone at Sony will probably have to spend a bit of time researching this downgrade, and find a way to thwart it in a new release.

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