SMX West: The Big Guys Look At Blended Search

    February 27, 2008

Whether you’re looking up a pizza parlor’s address, a picture of J.F.K, or a video of Maria Sharapova’s dog, the big names in search want their main engines to help you out.  A session titled "The Blended Search Revolution" looked at how they’ll do this.

David Bailey, Google
David Bailey, Google
(Photo Credit: Picasa)

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David Bailey, Google’s senior staff engineer, confirmed that the search giant is on the same broad path as always, giving the traditional "organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful" line.  One of his other statements was also a bit predictable: is supposed to remain the search box of first resort.

We found it comforting, however, that Google intends to keep things fast, simple, and relevant.  After recent murmurings about video ads, confirmation of those first two aspects may be especially important.

Looking forward, it appears that users will see more local business review snippets, more videos, more images (with explicit triggering on the long tail), grouped blogs, grouped books, more internationalization, and increasing diversity on the pages.

If not now, then in the future, Google’s universal search looks ready to live up to its name.