Skype Gets A New CEO

    February 26, 2008

Skype isn’t exactly a model company; onlookers have often equated it with an anchor weighing eBay down.  But, be that as it may, Josh Silverman seems content enough to have been appointed CEO of the Internet telephone company.

Skype Gets A New CEO    Josh Silverman
    Skype’s New CEO

"I’m serious about wanting to build the greatest products – and the greatest company – on Earth.  That doing so means listening well, being willing to think different and take risks.  And in everything we do, one thing is certain: we’ll always have the best interests of the Skype community at heart," he wrote on the Skype Blog.

At this point, we’re tempted to recommend that Silverman reign in his intake of caffeine and Wheaties.  Yet he also admitted, "I’m the new guy, and have a lot to learn. . . .  I don’t yet have the right to expect your enthusiastic two thumbs up.  But as we go further on this journey together, I plan to earn it."

Silverman will officially start his new job on March 24th; his experience as CEO of should ensure that he’s used to running a show.  Also, since and Skype both fall under the eBay umbrella, Silverman isn’t really even changing employers.

Meanwhile, Andre Haddad will become CEO of  And with the added issue of the ongoing sellers’ strike in front of it, it’s starting to look like eBay’s got a lot to win or lose when the music stops playing.