Six Apart Acquisition Leads To New Interests

"Advertising and services 'r' us"

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Six Apart is moving well beyond the business of providing blogging software; following its acquisition of Apperceptive, the company is beginning to offer a whole range of services, along with a new advertising program.

New Acquisition
 Anil Dash

The company’s advertising group has been dubbed Six Apart Media, and it "offers more control over the advertising on your blog," according to Vice President Anil Dash.  "[O]ur goal is to help you produce more revenue than the simple ubiquitous text ads that you might otherwise be using," he writes.

This will put Six Apart in the same arena as Federated Media, but the company isn’t coming unprepared.  Past Apperceptive clients include The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, BoingBoing, Major League Baseball, Gothamist, and iVillage, so the name recognition factor is pretty strong.

Then there are the actual services that Apperceptive provided to those clients.  Design, development, implementation and integration – the figurative bases are well covered.  And the Apperceptive acquisition also landed Six Apart a New York office, so its physical presence has spread, too.

Apperceptive’s price remains unknown, but credit for properly breaking the story would appear to go to a TechCrunch commenter.  Now’s an interesting time to enter the advertising business, so we’ll see how this goes.

Six Apart Acquisition Leads To New Interests
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  • http://blackpro.vox.com Blackpro

    As I have said before in other areas. I am happy for this company but honestly their support is horrific. I have made several attempts to get some video uploaded and it is in their system but it has not posted. I have made multiple call and support requests over the week and still no answer. I even called and left VM’s and in a few occassions spoke with such a nice young receptionist who stated they are in business and there is support. I explained to her that all I want to kow is if they are going to fix it or should I go elsewhere. She said she did pass info on to the support POC.


    I hope that the other business operations are better than their support if so this will be another dead dot com in a few months.



  • mayalibre

    I have to agree with Blackpro. I have had two Moveable Type blogs for years, and have recently started using Vox.  Support for either system is nearly non-existent, even if it’s a quick question.  There’s no live support chat, no moderated forums, nothing.  The support is *dead*, meaning just static FAQs.  Since blogging in large part is about *social* (aka human, interpersonal) networking, it makes me wonder about the driving values of this company if they don’t put human support, or support for human users, near the top of their priority list.

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