Sitemaps Protocol Scaled For Cross-Host Support

A single sitemap can support multiple hosts

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One sitemap may now support multiple sites on different hosts thanks to a new addition to the Sitemaps protocol.

One sitemap to rule them all? After today, the question will be “why not?”

The Yahoo Search blog announced an update to sitemaps during the SMX West event. Along with Google and Microsoft, Yahoo disclosed a new feature for cross-host support for sitemaps.

“To ensure validity of this metadata, Sitemaps have previously been required to be on the same host and path as the URLs they contain,” Yahoo Search noted. “This requirement forced the Sitemaps files to be hosted on the same servers as the actual site content.”

With the change, the sitemap may be hosted on a different host, with the ability to support multiple sites on separate hosts. Webmasters will need to add a line to their robots.txt file to direct crawlers to the differently-hosted sitemap.

The official Sitemaps FAQ has been updated to reflect the support for separately hosted sitemaps.

Yahoo Search cited a couple of concerns from webmasters that led to this latest update. Webmasters wanted to be able to keep user-facing content separate from feeds, as well as the ability to manage a number of websites from one sitemap.

“We hope this enhancement helps address those needs,” the announcement said.

Sitemaps Protocol Scaled For Cross-Host Support
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  • http://www.creativebox.ltd.uk SEO

    Hold the bus !! We’ve been adding all our clients’ xml site map URLs to our robots.txt files for at least a year. I don’t think Yahoo have broken any new ground here, they have just realised that they’ve been spidering the links anyway and have ‘come clean’.

  • http://www.flowersbypost.com Flowers by Post

    Its going to be really useful for people who want to host in one location (like me). Great news I say and about time too!!.


  • http://www.posicionarsitio.es H

    Hi David

    What you bring today – as usual – is very important. Let me tell you that I thought I was the only persona worried about that.

    Thanks for being so clear again




  • http://rehcs.inmarket.biz/ REHCS

    Does anyone should use this feature…


  • http://www.poseidonswimmingpools.com Swimming Pool Contractor

    If you are looking for a great program to generate your sitemaps, here is a free open source one – its called GSite Crawler. It is free for download, you can donate money to the publisher if you feel it is useful.

  • http://www.poseidonswimmingpools.com Swimming Pool Builder

    There are free programs that generate google xml sitemap files and yahoo url lists without installing python support on your server.

  • http://www.thegooglegurus.co.uk Manchester SEO Bolton

    Definitely agree with what’s been said, it is about time that the major search engines set some standards. Should make it easier for us SEO companies anyway :)

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