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    January 17, 2003

I’m a frequent reviewer with a site that is in trouble. The site,, is an online superstore of natural products. We sell about 2500-3000 products, from aromatherapy products to syrups and juices to sugar-free products to flavors and fragrances.

We’ve watched the number of hits and orders drop steadily over a period of a few months. We’ve made some changes to try to improve things (like the site layout), but nothing we do seems to make much of a difference. There are still some small bugs here and there, but nothing that should cause sales to simply die like they have.

We’ve tried a few different Overture campaigns, placing some items in the top 3 positions, which have brought in some sales, but the generated revenue is less than what we’ve put into it, so we’ve pulled back some of the bids on the keywords. It seems like most hits from Overture listings get to our site, look around a bit, and then leave without ordering.

Earlier this year, in June, we were getting about 15 orders per day. The current host we were on did not offer logging capabilities, but a makeshift counter offered an average of 100+ visitors per day at that time. Over the months, the orders have dropped to 10 then to 7 then to 5 and now we’re getting anywhere from 1-4 orders per day on average, with about 50-80 visitors per day now.

Our top listings (not including Overture PPC) are:
natures flavors
splenda syrup
splenda cola syrup
anise oil
soda syrup
oil of anise

That’s quite sad, really – that 3 of our top 10 listings are people searching for our own name. I would like to see a variety of keywords show up for our top listings… It’s nice that we have name recognition, but it would be better if those were later listings.

As a final question – I would be interested in some assistance in doing link requests for the purposes of pushing up our Google rankings. Is there an SEO company out there that has linking-only services, i.e. pay-per-link-obtained?

Thank you!

Jonathan Hilgeman,

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