Site Review: Brazilian Memories Travel

    February 13, 2003

Mission Statement for Brazilian Memories Travel Website:
To attract interested vacation planners with an appealing, tropical themed site. Once they enter the site it is our goal to provide helpful, useful and interesting travel planning information. When there is an interested party, the site should guide them to inquire further via the phone or e-mail. Hopefully the visitors will have a pleasant visual experience as well as learning something from the content.

I have tried linking my site to others, I’ve hired a company to help in submitting my site to search engines and also optimizing my website, I included key words that would be helpful in finding my website, I have looked through my webhost to see where people are entering and leaving (usually it’s the homepage).

I have put a lot into this but have received no sales from my website. I am a member of several boards, the chamber of commerce for example, so that I can get listed on their site.


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