Sirius: Google’s Satellite Of Love?

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This hot little rumor has been bouncing around through the weekend: Google could be willing to purchase satellite radio provider Sirius.

Howard Stern and his merry band of entertainers could be looking at shifts in the corporate structure if Google were to deliver on what’s either a really hot rumor or a mischief making writer spinning out the end of a long Friday.

The rumor first appeared on ClickZ, with Zachary Rodgers stirring the pot on a blog entry:

A high profile source is pretty convinced ol’ Goog is on the verge of snapping up Sirius Radio. Heard anything of the sort?

Well, no, honestly, and neither has anyone else, it seems. If it is in the cards for Google to buy itself a satellite outlet for its dMarc/AdWords radio advertising, several things have to happen.

Seeking Alpha blogger Tyler Savery said the proposed merger of Sirius with satellite radio rival XM could get in the way:

So while Google buyouts are fun to consider, any company trying to buy either Sirius or XM would have to do so with very limited cooperation from either company. That adds risk to such a transaction.

Thanks to the various bureaucratic gymnastics involved in the Sirius-XM merger proposal, Savery thinks that deal could be approved and wrapped up before the end of the year. Perhaps Google will be able to deliver Sirius as a holiday gift to its employees and shareholders.


Sirius: Google’s Satellite Of Love?
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  • Jenny

    This was mentioned briefly on the Howard Stern Show. As Howard likes to do whenever there are possible financial changes where he’s working, he acted like he didn’t know what the impact of Google snagging up Sirius would mean. On the other hand, Robin was her giddy old self. Seems like she loves the idea. Look out for Robin kissing Larry and Sergey’s bum on the volleyball court in Mountain View one day.

    the pulse of howard stern

  • http://www.angrysam.com David Levin

    Google should wait until the merger is finalized.  If they do, they could dominate the whole satellite music industry in the US.  I wonder if they would run google Adwords ads on the text display on our units. 

  • Guest


    what about now?  Google can take out the debt and get a tremendous asset at a cheap price.   Google radio with 20 million subs?  Great branding play as well.

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  • Jon

    Oh you bet they would. I think their recent (well somewhat) acquisition of DMarc Broadcasting could be laying the foreground for this.

    ps. I like the idea of solving a math question, rather than squinting at jumbled text to post.

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