Sina Explains Google Partnership

    August 10, 2007

Sina is a huge (and hugely successful) Chinese corporation, and although Google is also quite strong, Google China’s not so fortunate.  A new arrangement with Sina could help, however.

“Under the deal Sina will carry Google’s Chinese search service and advertising, and the companies will share the revenue generated,” reports Simon Burns for  But don’t look for money to start pouring in immediately.  Actually, even in the future, just keep an eye out for a trickle.  “Sina does not expect to see significant revenue from the partnership before the fourth quarter, executives say.”

That doesn’t disappoint Charles Chao, Sina’s CEO and president.  “We need to go through a two to three month testing period for AdSense,” he stated.  “[T]hey’ll be testing different pages to see the effectiveness in entirely different locations . . . .  This is a starting point that’s more like a transitional point for AdSense.  The traffic ramp up for the web search will take some time.”

It’s good of Chao to be so patient; several months ago, Google CEO Eric Schmidt displayed a similar willingness to wait for results when discussing Google China and its leader, Kai-Fu Lee.  But sooner or later, somebody’s going to expect better things of Google’s Chinese arm.

Hat tip to SearchEngineWatch.