Simpsons Movie Brings Simpsons Spam

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Mmmmm, Spam. Spammers have done it with Harry Potter, the Pirates of the Caribbean, and even after the Virginia Tech shootings, whatever wave they can ride. This week after a $70 million opening at the box office, they’re trying to squirrel their way on the shoulders of Bart and Homer.

The emails are disguised as surveys and feature Homer Simpson in his underwear asking if recipients plan to watch The Simpsons Movie. The survey is accessible via a link in the email that, once clicked, causes the email address to be recognized as active.

As you would imagine, once that’s determined, it opens up the recipient to a flood of new spam.

Martin Thorburg, cofounder of SPAMfighter, says the practice of piggybacking on popular culture is standard among spammers.

"It is common that spammers will use large events, such as film premiers, wide scale media stories, or holidays to coerce e-mail users into a scam. We are hoping to avoid having our users fall victim to these scams by filtering away these e-mails," he said.

SPAMfighter is a third-party downloadable spam filter and certified Microsoft partner. The company says there is also a prize promised in the Simpsons spam to entice recipients into taking the survey.

“Major spamming events such as The Simpsons Movie provide us with an opportunity to educate  all computer users for the need to protect their data and privacy from spammers," said Alix Aranza, Managing Director, SPAMfighter, North America.  

And of course, the information comes with a pitch. Aranza informs us, "SPAMfighter offers all computer users the opportunity to download SPAMfighter Standard for a free 30-day trial.”

Simpsons Movie Brings Simpsons Spam
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  • http://webpronews.com cjk

    Isn’t ironic that a spamming website is condemning all other spam?
    Just competition i guess….
    When it comes to my e-mail anyways, you guys are winning the battle with The Simpsons Movie spam.
    The Score is something like:
    webpronews infinity
    Simpsons movie 0
    I guess the only way ill stop you is by bringing down your spamming servers, or by changing my e-mail address.
    I’ll probably end up going for the latter and paying for a new domain name eventually.
    But wouldn’t it be cool to take away the threat of your spam from everyone’s e-mail address’s.
    I wonder what your e-mail address is Mr. Miller?
    Why don’t you publicly post it?
    Are you afraid of receiving any unwanted e-mails?
    Because you defiantly aren’t afraid of sending them.

    • Jason Lee Miller

      spam, as i define it, would not be email that one has to sign up for to receive, as would be the case with webpronews newsletters…if you’d like to unsubscribe, let us know…if there’s an error in some way on the unsubscribe link, find another way to contact us. We don’t send email to anyone who doesn’t sign up for it, or doesn’t want it, and if there’s been an issue unsubscribing, you have our apologies.

      as for my own email…you didn’t look very hard. Way at the top of this article, and every other article, there is an icon you can click to email me. spam away, but my filters are fairly aggressive.


      • cjk

        I did look hard enough to follow that link above. Unfortunately, your site protects your actual e-mail address (x@y.com) which is primarily what spammers like yourself thrive on. That’s what I meant by not publicly posting your e-mail. F.Y.I., I never even heard of WebProNews until I started receiving your spam e-mails. How did you get my address? I’m assuming some spam web crawler of yours happened across my website where I had it publicly posted. I guess I’ll never be sure. I’ll admit, I get hundreds of spam e-mails from many different sites and, they are all filtered out just like webpronews is now. So why pick on your site? Partly because you’re more tangible than most. But, mostly because you’re hippocrates (not as in the oath). Every once in a while, I have to sort through my junk e-mail, and when I see something like “spammer doesn’t like spam”, I feel obligated to inform your probably very few readers of the facts and your dishonesty by omission.

        *I think I’ll leave my glass sitting on the table*

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