21 Signs You’re Addicted to SEO

    September 22, 2006

With all the “Top 10 this” and “Top 20 that”, it takes a lot to get me to link to a new list. Matt McGee deserves the link for his funny “Top 21 Signs You Need a Break from SEO” list.

Not only is the list very funny, with items such as…

3) The S, E, and O keys on your keyboard are broken.


5) When your son tells you he wants to go play in the sandbox, you fear you won’t see him again for eight months.

…but Matt also gets extra credit for the linkbait aspects of the list too. He manages to name-drop just about every top SEO out there – a sure fire way to get people linking to the story.

The bait that got me?

11) You lay awake at night wondering who would win a foot race: a marketing pilgrim or a marketing sherpa.

That’s easy to answer. The sherpa’s carrying the bags, so the pilgrim will definitely win!


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