Shouldn’t We Blog About The Weather?

    February 6, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Winter time brings plenty of concerns about the weather. The Weather Channel has a little widget to add to blogs, showing the weather for the location picked by the site publisher.

We’re enjoying the first real snowfall of the season in the WebProNews home of Lexington. At least those of us who don’t have to drive in it are enjoying it; other people may have a different opinion, complete with language you might hear from Carlos Mencia if he hammered a toe into a table leg in a dark room.

The Weather Channel’s website now offers a way to enlighten your visitors with the current conditions. Their widget, called Weather On Your Website, can be added for free; registration is required.

Once registered, the widget can be customized by shape, color, and of course location. Here’s what one of the four shape options looks like for the local area:

Site visitors can find their weather through’s search box in the widget. It’s a straightforward little application. There’s no social networking, no up or down voting on the weather, just very direct, high quality information.

In other words, it’s a welcome widget in a world of applications that demand more and more of a person’s time and effort to fully benefit from them. Why shouldn’t we talk about the weather, anyway?


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