Shocker: Google Still Leads The Others

    April 18, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

(Yawn.) In March, Google was again (yaawwwn, excuse me) the leader in all things search, according to comScore Networks, with competitors nowhere near matching the number of search queries or percentage of market. In fact, Yahoo and MSN slipped a bit.

It is too news! The press release says so. It’s not my fault every statistics report from every measurement and analysis company repeats itself. It’s not their fault, either. Maybe we can check every six months to see if Google’s still winning.

For the eighth consecutive month, Google gained in search market share, keeping an iron grip on its place in cyberspace as King of Search. The Mountain View, Calif.-based media company captured 42.7 percent of searches, or 2.7 billion queries, for a 6.3 percent increase over March 2005.

It’s okay to call Google a “media company.” John Battelle said so.

Yahoo! came in second place collecting 28 percent (1.8 billion queries), but lost 2.6 percent in market share since a year ago. MSN (yawn) remains in third place at 13.2 percent, slipping 3.3 percent from last year. Time Warner Network lost 1.4 percent, while gained 0.4 percent.

In all, Americans conducted 6.4 billion searches online in March, up 10 percent from last month and 15 percent from last year. The increase between February and March marked the largest gain over the last 12 months.

Yahoo! shares the limelight a bit with Google in terms of toolbar use. Together, the rival search companies controlled over 95 percent of March toolbar searches – Google with 48.9 percent, and Yahoo! with 46.5 percent.

See you again next month with the same report as this month.

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