Shel Israel Does Love CEO Bloggers

    March 18, 2006

After Shel realized I wasn’t the only one who intepreted his post on CEO bloggers as a dislike for them, he’s added a new post to clarify a few points.

I spent a part of yesterday fuming that I was being misquoted and misrepresented, scattering testy comments on other people’s blogs. But, when this many people take me to task for saying something I didn’t think I said, I have to believe that the mistake is with the sender (me) not the receivers (everyone else).

Some of Shel’s clarifications include…

There are a good number of CEO bloggers, but not nearly as many as I thought there would be back when the book project was started. We discussed several in the book. Some are among my personal favorite bloggers. I am glad they blog. I hope they continue to blog and I hope other CEOs step up and start blogging. If a CEO does start blogging I hope he or she is wise enough to do it in an authentic voice and with passion for the subject matter.

I’m glad to help clear up this confusion and for my part, I’ll be reading Naked Conversations as soon as possible so that I can get a true understanding of Shel’s thoughts on blogging.

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