Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Short Comments

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Not all reviewers send in lengthy reviews, but many have good ideas regardless. Here are the short comments:

I’ve glanced through your site.

It’s well organized, however I don’t know how sizeable the market is for the kind of products you sell.

Though interesting, it’s not what I would buy. That’s no reflection on the quality of your goods.

It’s just a matter of personal preference.

As for style and theme of the site.

At first I thought I was at some kind of Horror Site not a product site. Maybe there is some confusing messages here.

Perhaps the visitors who would be your buyers don’t go past the home page because of the same mistake I made? You might want to consider putting your products on the home page?

Hope that helps.

– Michael

Even for webtv, this site loaded very quickly. There were no words overlapping words on a 1.1 browser.

I was impressed. So many times on webtv, we have problems with sites.

Shaddow Domain uses jpgs and gifs for webtv users to be able to pull up the thumbnails.

In fact, I told a neighbor about a couple of the cups and she will be ordering from the site.

Great site for us webtver’s. Thanks.

– HotrodWoman

Actually, when I got beyond product, I thought it was quite good. Easily linked to, payment methods easy & varied, had hard time reading red on black. but that’s probably. just me. Rates for credit card with her method might be little steep with price of product, but not sure how much of that stuff is bought. Not my thing.
Chuck Herwig (USA)

Slow, clunky, too many graphics.

Try it on a 486 at 56k or less to see problems…

The home page hurts my eyes. If I were shopping I’d be gone in a heartbeat, before I got a headache.

I thought my colors were vivid, but they’re bland by comparison.

Otherwise she is well organized, a bit slow, and she’s correct, directed at younger folks.

Keith Bannister

First response – from my perspective and the resolution setting I have [usually 20-30 odd windows open on a 21″ screen 1600 x 1200 pixels] black background and white lettering is a no no – can’t read it – full stop! Only way is to highlight it with the mouse, and most sites I won’t hang around to do that unless I REALLY need some info!

Second response – too “Bitty” and links don’t jump out as such.

I am just doing a site for http://www.erzla.com – only done a couple of hours on it [still waiting for more info], but has the same theme in some parts as this!



Since black is not one of my most favorite colors, I found the site a little disturbing, Especially the red outlined text and further down the page, the red text on black was very hard on the eyes and difficult to read.

Other than those items, the site looks like it is pretty complete as far as content and availability of items one would be looking for at a site of that nature.

These are only my opinions and are not to be considered as gospel.


Don Schmidt
Adventure Bearcat Marine
Homelite & Bearcat Outboard Motors,
“Economical Power For Your Boat”

Great graphics! Nice layout. I would like to see some product to get the juices flowing – that is what you are selling. Make it easy to see (and quick) what you have to offer. Lots of us shop late at night or when the job needs a break and we look at fun stuff. But I know that I have little patience with slow loading sites and will click on after waiting what I think is too long.

Betsy Nickel
Realtor, SRES

In my personal opinion I think the site lacks some personality. I knew nothing of Damashi before I went to the site and now have a slight understanding of it. Enough to know I don’t need to buy the videos atleast. I think it would be nice of them to have a few visual descriptors on their main pages as well as on their order pages. I understand my screen resolution is much higher then most 1600×1800 but I think the website is a bit sprawled out. Reading text from one side of my screen all the way to the other gets a bit difficult especialy with as much blotted text as they have on the site. All in all if the site was cleaned up a little and they didn’t have their “order guidlines” page ‘popup’ I wouldn’t argue if someone claimed that site as decent.

-Josh Houghtelin

I think the site is excellent and easy to use. My only comment is I always think book sellers should include a couple of paragraphs to show the writer’s style and so a buyer can see if they’re drawn to it.

Cari Alter

This is a very simple and effective site. Yet there are things lacking and should be added. The first is an alpha script that would allow surfers to find the products based on their titles and a second alpha script that would allow products to be found by the author’s name.

The scripts would make finding a desired product faster and more efficient. The only other thing I noticed was a lack of a search box so visitors could search the site to find the product even faster.

The text verses background color is perfect. With the large font making it easy for all surfers to read the site.

Overall this is a top notch site.

– Scott.

Other than moving my cursor around – it was hard to tell a link from a design. Only use underline when the words are a link. There are so many typeface & type weights that can be used. Underline should be reserved for links only. But be careful – The use of only three or four type faces/sizes/colors on a page make it look much more professional. It’s tiring to the eye to read just for each line of type. Everything is “centered” the true indication of a beginning graphic designer. A two column format would help this site a lot. Plus it would prevent a line of type from being stretched all the way across my 21″ screen. That makes it hard to read.
– Donna Schaffer

See my websites:

Very handsome graphic at the top of the page, Great scans of the books and volumes they are selling.

In my opinion, they need to rethink their color scheme, and get away from the harsh yellow boxes with the red text, the red and blue active links, and soften almost everything. Their subject matter is strong enough to sell without the colors shouting out the information. They could add some interest with a different font in the headlines, use arial for the blocks of text only, don’t center the lists of books to purchase, etc. Add a thumbnailnext to the lists.

There was one box with a graduation of soft yellow to white that would make a great background for every page.

For quality business cards that GO !!

Peer reviewers volunteer their time and effort to help other site owners with their websites. Please take time to visit this reviewer’s site and say that you think what they’re doing is valuable to the web business community. If you’d like your site reviewed, send an email to editors@ientry.com.

Shaddow Domain Peer Review – Short Comments
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