SES: Promote Your Site With Wikipedia

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If you check out the Google search results for most terms, you’ll find Wikipedia at or near the top of the list.

SES: Promote Your Site With Wikipedia
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The popular user-collaborated encyclopedia has more page views than Digg and MySpace, and could be largest untapped resource in online marketing to date.

Danny Sullivan moderated today’s session focused on the viability of Wikipedia as an online marketing tool.

The discussion panel consisted of the following members:

Neil Patel spoke first, and briefly covered some of the potential advantages that Wikipedia offers to the search engine marketer, which include authoritative links, increased traffic, brand awareness, and increased information about companies and products.

Patel added that Wikipedia ranked fourth in a Google search for ‘Web 2.0’ and that links contained within the listing were receiving a good amount of traffic, thus reinforcing the potential of how the site can be used as a resource.

Don Steele from Comedy Central noted that since popular host Stephen Colbert started the ‘wikiality’ craze, than traffic from Wikipedia to the Comedy Central site has increased substantially.

He estimated that the company would have to spend around $20,000 a month to see similar numbers from a pay-per-click strategy.

Undertaking a Wikipedia campaign isn’t something to be taken lightly, however, given how vicious the community can be to those who abuse the system.

Jonathan Hochman spoke briefly about Barry Schwartz’s efforts to create his own biographical page on Wikipedia and how the entry barely escaped deletion.

So, there is a fine line one has to walk when stepping into the world of Wikipedia.

Learning to play by the rules and endear your brand to the community through transparency and unbiased commentary is vital to the success of the endeavor. And with the sheer search authority that rests within the digital walls of Wikipedia, the rewards are well worth the risk.

SES: Promote Your Site With Wikipedia
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  • Smiley Chinedum

    This sounds very interesting and since I am about to launch myCuteGalaxy, I will need to use that media to get traffic to the mycutegalaxy site. It is going to be the best social hangout place!

  • Gregory Kohs

    You may find interesting the detailed blog article I wrote about the subject of Wikipedia and commerce:



  • Matt Ellsworth

    Definately some good points here – thats for sure. I know that we tried to make a page on wikipedia for a company that we were promoting – providing general information about it – and it was axed within a day. Heck there was barely anything on there about us or anything – just information about the company. It made the whole wiki community seem closed off.

    Matt Ellsworth
    MJE Sales, LLC

  • http://123-pet.com 123-pet.com

    I’ve learned that promoting your site through wikipedia is a little tricky, depending on the type of site you’re promoting. If it’s obvious that you’re trying to sell something, you probably won’t stick. But if you’re providing valuable content, it will probably stick.

    Also, Wikipedia has some kind of indexing service which I stumbled onto recently which took the content from the “About” page from one of my sites and added it as content on Wikipedia. I’m not real sure how that happened, but I edited the wikipedia page a little bit and it’s sticking fine.


  • http://ixod.com ixod

    Thank you for sharing this great information about Wikipedia. As Danny Sullivan said that the viability of Wikipedia as an online marketing tool. I also used Wikipedia as to post content and as form of online marketing tool but Wikipedia is too strict in posting content and you need to follow their guidelines

  • http://www.orkanfilm.no OrkanAdmin

    Wikipedia articles about any company are often viewed as being of a commercial nature, even though the article may have public relevance or important historic content. Guess I need to become friends with an admin..

  • http://www.swagbucksscam.info chris farcher

    Absolutely using WIKI sites to backlink is a massive strategy! It can be a bit tough but things have gotten much easie with auto-mated systems, fiver gigs and so on. Need help growing backlinks or getting on the first page for a keyword reach me at CMFARCHER@GMAIL.COM

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