SES – Day 3 Wrap Up

    August 23, 2007

I’m sitting in the last session, just having posted my incredibly week synopsis of what the speakers addressed. My BFF, with the hottest last name in SEO (Jennifer Laycock) is still telling her story. Maybe the Q & A will be better.

Today was a mixed day. I had intended on posting on the early AM SEO through Blogs and Feeds session. The first speaker had a lot of great information but I lost track from there as I was IMing back to the office trying to troubleshoot a computer issue. Why do these things happen most when I’m out of town? (I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’ve been out of town frequently lately… increases the odds!)

The link bait session was good. I think while in there I decided to head to the SMX conference in New York on Social Media Marketing with Ed. My favorite was the SEM pricing models session. I got to ask a question and got some real good answers. I even got a shout out from Rand. Hi Rand!

Tonight is dinner, maybe a swim and a movie. We are supposed to leave tomorrow but I just got word that I-80 is closed due to a forest fire. Maybe we’ll stay an extra day and go to Great America!

I’m off to dinner to discuss the merits of that with Diana and Rob.