Selling Soul on eBay: Woman Will Part With Hers for $2000

    July 5, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Selling souls on eBay is nothing new. During the auction websites’ earlier years, you could purchase objects like this all the time. In addition to souls, people would bid on everything from ghosts to haunted objects to demonic babydolls, though, in most cases, these auctions were yanked before anyone could get their grubby little hands on them. Once upon a time, I was intrigued enough by a so-called “ghost in a jar” that I almost dropped some cold, hard cash to bring the item home. Alas, I did not, leaving me to wonder what might have been.

For those of you who are in the market for another person’s mortal soul, a freelance writer by the name of Lori N. is currently selling hers on eBay for a cool $2000. Like most people in this economy, two grand is usually just lying around on the kitchen table, generally right next to an empty box of cereal and a cup of lukewarm coffee. I guess if you’re going to auction off your soul, you might as well put a high dollar value on it.

According to Click On Detroit, Lori was in a car crash not too long ago, an accident that has had a very negative effect on her existence. Her body is a busted mess, she claims, and she’s just looking to make some money on what’s left of her soul. Given the damage done — Lori reportedly lost a breast, broke several bones, experienced a collapsed lung, and had a stroke — she’s currently “at the end of her rope”. Understandable.

“What I’m going to deliver is the opportunity for someone to save my soul. They can save it through prayer, they can save it through conversion,” the owner of the soul explained. “And I’m also going to give them a certificate detailing the white and black marks on my soul.”

Although Lori understands that she may offend some folks with such a stunt, she’s hoping that she might meet someone during the process. In other words, the auction really is a thin-veiled cry for help, one that could lead her to the happiness she lost following the accident.

  • http://www.videogamesshow.com Rich Bergin

    Just curious why this was considered new worthy? Back in 2005 on my talk show, we did a regular bit (which gets referenced a few times a year) called “Souls for Sale on Ebay” where we read different auction descriptions each week. I’m curious how something that has been going on for at least seven plus years is now a newsworthy story?

    • Lance

      Because your show is not news worthy?

  • Hank

    Someone delete this shit!

    • Buck

      I agree with this guy :) someone get this BS out of the way

  • sean

    ill sell you mine for 1000$

  • mark

    ” Like most people in this economy, two grand is usually just lying around on the kitchen table, generally right next to an empty box of cereal and a cup of lukewarm coffee.”

    Note to self: find a new hiding spot

  • Jeff

    Run an ebay search for “Ridley Noah 1020a”. Awesome.

  • Mitch

    Apparently RICH BURGER missed the part of the article that clearly states THIS IS NOTHING NEW. Obviously it’s a rehash of an older story, the writer drew no secrecy to this. Apparently this is why your fantasy “talk show” didn’t last long Geraldo

  • Mitch

    –Correction, for anyone looking to be “technical” not a “rehash of an older story” but an old concept. My apologies.

  • Gary Middleton

    her soul belongs to god

    • John B

      well then he gets a two-for when he takes the one who buys her soul.

  • Sophia

    I guess no one has told her Jesus already paid the ultimate price for her soul and He is free all she has to ask and He will take her burden and exchange it for peace.

    • shane

      Being as there is NO such thing as jesus, just a bunch of drunks back in the day, and this invisible man, I think she’s doing good to get 2 grand

      • LIrocker

        Can you be more ignorant? It’s a fact that Jesus did exist, whether you believe He is the son of God would be the question.

        And for you to say drunks wrote the bible or created Jesus, well get drunk because it’s the most influential book and figure in existence throughout history, at least you’ll write better than when you’re sober, as in above for instance LOL

        • Ben

          Well… nobody can really definitively prove whether or not Jesus did actually exist. We can prove the mythology behind him has existed for thousands of years, among many other messianic figures with very similar back stories.

          • Ryan

            Well I can prove that your were fearfully and wonderfully made, not an accident. Whether you believe that or not is the issue.

          • Shaun

            There are more references to Christ in books throughout history than any other figure. In encyclopedias and other historical references, not the Bible alone. If you choose not to believe in the son of God that is your decision, but He did in fact walk this Earth. Even the media admits that.

          • Steve

            You’re wrong Shaun. The books that mention Jesus were all written AFTER his supposed existence. You’ll find, if you bother to do the research, that not a single book written at the time mentions him.

        • John B

          Correct someone( you decide who) named Jesus did exist, and was a religous revolutionary at least.

          So is mad magazine, and I don’t believe anything in that either.

          • can


    • Ryan

      That is a good point. Sadly not many ppl talk about that.

    • can

      maybe it would help if she could listen to the UNSHACKLED programs that sed to play on WRBS radio station. They are stories of people with hurts just like hers. The difference for them is that thsy chose to believe in Jesus and their lives were turned around. Maybe she should consider going to visit the OLD LIGHTHOUSE MINISTRY IN CHICAGO ILLINOISE AND TALK TO SOME OF THE PEOPLE THERE. THEN SHE CAN SEE FOR HERSELF WHAT JESUS CAN AND WILL DO…….

  • George

    Anyway, as far as buying/saving on eBay goes:

    If you see an item that you want listed in auction format, send the seller a message asking if they will accept $x to end the auction early and sell the item to you. If that doesn’t work, use a sniping service such as Bidball.com to bid for you. It’ll bid in the last few seconds, helping to save $ and avoid shill bidding.

    If there is a particular item that you want that is relatively rare on eBay or goes fast when one is listed, use ebuyersedge.com to set up a saved eBay search for it. You’d get an e-mail whenever a match is listed. You can use the price, category, exclude word, etc. filters to narrow down the results that you get in the e-mails. Excellent for “Buy It Now”s priced right.

    If the item that you’re looking for is difficult to spell, try a misspelling search site like Typojoe.com to find some deals with items that have main keywords misspelled in the title. Other interested buyers may never see them.

  • Ghettoe

    Wait a minute. People can pay 2 grand for something that’s imaginary? Ladies and Gentlemen I will give you my soul for fifty bucks. I will also sell you my sisters with it.

  • http://truth-ministries.weebly.com Forgiven

    Jesus Christ was crucified; died and rose from the dead. So you could have eternal life. God the Father created every human being in his image so a human being is a triune being with a body, soul, and spirit. It’s a great tragedy for you to lose your soul to anything or anyone else but Jesus Christ. To sell one’s soul is putting one’s eternal destiny and destination in jeopardy. Heaven and Hell are real places and will be the eternal destination for souls based on your choice to put your trust and faith in Jesus Christ. Salvation is obtained through faith and by the grace of God and it doesn’t rely in a religion or through good works but by your faith in Jesus Christ. Will you make the decision to put your trust and faith in Jesus. (It’s a great burden to know the eternal destination for the lost.)

    • John B

      Have you been there? No? when you do come back and report on it.

    • Saved by Grace through Faith

      Amen brother!!!! I wish I could speak to her and let her know that someone has already paid for her soul, namely Jesus Christ.
      ( this is for everyone ) God loves you and theres nothing you can do about it.

    • can

      I agree with you 150% but today people don’t really care about what will happen to them after death. I think it is also important to make them understand that Jesus also died to give them a life of happiness and inner peace while living here on the earth. Jesus is here to help us make it to heaven in the end by trusing hin with our lives now and giving him priority in our life. He said peace I give to you not as the world gives. that peaces was intended for NOW!!!!

  • Doug

    i agree with on statement here. You dont have to believe Jesus existed cuz every book in ancient history says that He did. Wethae or not you believe He is the son of God or does fir the sins of the world is the question you need to ask.

    • Satan

      Your knowledge is flawed. All records of Jesus having ever existed came out AFTER his death. None during his life. They actually were estimated to sprout out around the time the bible was written

      • can

        have you read the account in the Old Testiment and considered the actual time periods they were written in. All BEGORE Jesus came to earth. over 300 prophecies pointed to Jesus as being the Messiah the Son of God spoken of in the Old Testament. check out VOE.org and get some infomation that will blow you mind or listen to TBN on tv or WRBS 95.1 FM on the radio in the evenings about 8-10 PM and learn from people like DR Charles Stanley, Tony Evans, James Dobson, James Kennedy, or Shine FM website.

    • Steve

      ‘fraid not, Dougie boy. Not a single contemporary historian (that means from the time of Jesus – had to explain that, you believers generally aren’t that bright) mentions the existence of Jesus. Not one. And there were plenty of them about at the time, from places like Greece. So Jesus – a man who can apparently walk on water and turn water into wine – doesn’t get a single mention. Hmmm… I think that says it all.

  • Joseph

    I guess when judgement day comes.. you non-believers will claim God then.

    • Steve

      Yeah…. except that will literally never happen, so we’re not all that fussed.

  • http://fuckoff.com john cock

    Does her soul come with free shipping? cause if so, im buying it!!

  • koech

    am perplexed by shanes comment that their was no JESUS?JUST DRUNKARDS.really JESUS is a life 2 day.whats happening at the moment was professed in the bible.sample this -some crazy dude made supper of someone private parts and some matumbo?gosh!!!

  • badhillbili

    Actually $2000 is a reasonable price, but you will probably get bilked on the shipping and handling.

  • John B

    wheather on not you believe in god or even a soul, I seriously doubt that piece of paper would hold up in a transendental court…buyer beware LOL.

  • Larry

    Its ironic, science can tell you the origins of the universe or the exisitance of gravity (Which you can’t Touch/Taste/See)and you fall all over yourselves believing, yet a man walks on water, heals the lame,the blind and deaf, and most of all forgives all this with eye witness accounts and you refuse to believe.
    He was talked about in BC times, but all his miracles and works came in the last 3 years of his life. So whats your point with this lack of scholarly writings about Jesus?

    • Bertha

      The bible doesn’t specify the time these miracles happens. So no one knows rather they happen in 10, 15, or 20 years. Rather you believe or not, however, rather you believe or not, they did happen. Jesus died and gave you the right to believe, but you also have the choice to disbelieve too. He didn’t make human robots.

    • reality

      let me guess you dont believe in mythology, which is documented in all cultures (witchcraft, monsters, gods). If you believe a book writen by men accurately portrays reality then myths and legends deserve the same belief.

  • Lucy G

    I know this woman means well, but the article says it is a cry for help. I truly hope the Lord comforts her. It must be a very difficult time for her.

  • Soulflower2

    Larry: I agree with you wholeheartedly. People believe in love, which is a complex, mysterious process and emotion AND they believe that alien life could exist when no definitive proof exists (which is okay), but they cannot accept that there may be divine and evil presences out there.

    John: You are right, too. Caveat Emptor.

    • can

      They did.. check out your Jewish and Roman History and the writings of Josephus and the numberous writings during Cleopatra’s time and Alexander the Great and many others
      Spend time at the Library get a Dake’s Bible with its commentary

  • Soulflower2

    badhilli: LOL

    Shane: I have heard the Romans had records of Jesus’ existence.

  • http://yahoo gene

    first of all people your beliefs are your choice but for people who have hope for what they belive in dont spoil it for them. wether or not you belive in god or not thats your choice.but i will say there is too much evidence to say he doesnt exist. i have noticed that whe people get in trouble or lose everything then they want to ask god for help. why dont people ask before they fall? one day everyone will see the truth. you have to believe in what you dont see.

    • Randi

      You sound insane. There is zero evidence, and just because you say people ask for gods help when is trouble, doesn’t mean it’s true. That is just something you want to believe to support your insane notion that there is some magical being in the clouds.

      • can

        what harm could it do for you to try. it takes more effort to not believe than to believe. think about it. do you really think that mankind came fron a speck to a tadpole to a whatever else then a man. … and if so Where did the very first speck come from….as much as you have to believe in the Evolution theory that offers you NOTTHING how much happier you could be if you chose to instead believe in a God who love you and offers hope, peace, love, and help on this earth. After all what does Evolution ahve to offer you but EMPTINESS. if in the end the God Believers are wrong they have lost nothing but if the EVOLUTIONIST or the “God does not exist” believers are wrong where do they stand for eternity

    • can

      If there is no God then who are these people, who are in need, calling out to….Why is it that He suddenly exists…. Why is it that man even feels the need to call out to Him… could it be that we are all created with a space in our life that really needs God because he does exist???? And if God does not exist why do people us His name in cursing when angry….and reise their fists at him he is not there right so are they insane yelling at something or someone that does not exist. Why is it that every other religion or religious book out there conmpares Think????

  • http://yahoo gene

    if you take the time to clear your head and look around you there is so much evidence that there is a god. i have seen stuff and i have seen miracles for my own eyes. i have felt the holy spirit in my life its awesome. just saying. there is a god and jesus really walked this earth and i dont want to be the one in the end saying man i wish i would have belived because then it will be too late to change your mind. take the time to study this and you will see.dont be the one who burns forever

  • fancy face

    It’s your opinion to beleive whether ther is a GOD or not

    • can

      since we all have to believe in something why not soething that offers hope and happiness here on earth JESUS saying you believe in nothing is still a belief system. Think about. Even the great Charles Dawin who established Evolution admitted that there MUST be a God at the end of his life and ha sorry for taching evolution.

  • jayque_b

    It’s your opinion to believe whether there is a GOD or not.

  • Randi

    Wow… Stories like this bring out the religious nut jobs.

    • can

      not all “religious” people are often nut jobs but

      People who truly believe and live the teachings of the Bible and Jesus actually have hope. love and peace to offer a disturbed world.

  • Lisa

    There is a God. People that don’t believe in him are dumbbbbbb.

  • http://www.drshroud.com Rob

    Thinking about buying the soul and flipping it to the Devil for 4 g’s.

  • http://www.drshroud.com Rob

    Thinking about buying the soul and flipping it to the Devil for 4 grand.

  • George

    I don’t understand why people are replying to the devil’s slaves (demons) because they’re obviously just trying to make Jesus’ people upset duhhhh…so hear’s what. Let them stay there and be retarded and try to bring us down but they will never. Because Jesus is more powerful than anything. You guys that believe there is no Jesus – just wait and see unless you actually want to start researching, reading and trying to bring some holiness and find faith in your life.

    • Hank3

      If there is a God, Goerge. I bet he wouldn’t appreciate you calling demons, “retarded”. Poor choice of a describing word, don’t ya think? But right on par for a hypocritical “Christian”.

      • Michael

        Right on Hank!

        • Leo

          Isn’t it funny how everyone picks on the Christians, and no one else? Seriously, you guys are adults. Grow up and stop picking on people for their beliefs.

  • Michelle

    AMEN GEORGE!!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Instead of trying to sell her soul to the highest bidder, she ought to be seeking out GOD and trying to make her life better and get her life right with GOD.

  • me

    what a stupid woman….

    • can

      no a hurting woman have so compassion

  • can

    you know it amazes me how unloving some of you are to a person who obviousely is in desperate need. I wonder if she would actually find the Jesus you claim to serve based on your responses to her sitution. I have read the Bible for 40 years now and NOWHERE does it call for us to be judgmetal towards people in need. It calls for us to show Jesus by our L O V E Remember YOU are often the only Bible others read. What are you saying???????

  • http://yahoo pearl miller

    on judgement day we all will be judged according,,i think maybe that person has some kind of low self esteem in her….i can only seek for me when i say the only one that i wants to get my soul is JESUS,,ppl please pray for her

  • Jarboy

    I don’t think selling someone’s soul will really matter on Judgement day. I mean… does Skynet really care?

  • Rosie

    I hope the person that buys this woman’s soul will guide her in the right direction. May this woman find true peace and love in the path of God, in Jesus’ name.

  • Jon

    She’d make more money by renting out her vigina on an hourly basis.

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