Search Engines Celebrate Halloween

    October 31, 2008
    Chris Crum

In the Halloween spirit, Google has of course supplied us with a "doodle" for the day, but the interesting part of this to me as fan of horror films is that the doodle was designed by Wes Craven.
Wes Craven
Wes Craven is an iconic filmmaker in that he has made some of the best horror films of all time, as well as some of the worst. He has brought us gems like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Last House on the Left, and The Hills Have Eyes, as well as films that I’d like to forget I ever watched liked Cursed, Red Eye, and Vampire in Brooklyn. Of course he is also responsible for the wildly popular Scream franchise, and the entertainingly moronic Shocker (which WebProNews parodied with a Mike McDonald author pic).

Craven’s Google Doodle looks like it could be straight out of a Disney-Pixar film, but that’s probably for the best because when it comes to their logo, I don’t think Google would approve of the graphically violent style Craven has become known for over the decades.

Google Halloween Doodle

Of course the other major search engines have Halloween designs as well. Personally, I like Microsoft’s the best. There’s something about crows that just gives off a creepy vibe. Maybe it’s because they are often associated with death and plague. Maybe it’s just because of their loud obnoxious caw-ing. Maybe it’s because I’ve been attacked by them a few too many times playing Resident Evil games.

Live Search Halloween

Yahoo, Ask, and a lot of other search-related sites are displaying some imagery for All Hallow’s Eve as well. Search Engine Roundtable has a nice round-up of them. Which one do you like best?