Search Engine and Social Traffic from Press Releases

Press Releases Not Only for the Press

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Press releases are a form of online marketing that we don’t discuss very often. They don’t have the new and exciting appeal of social media or even search engine marketing, but they’ve been around a lot longer and are still working. In fact, they can play right into those other forms.

"Search engine rankings are arguably the most important small business marketing tool available today because it drives Web traffic — and potential prospects — to a small business’ Web site," a PRWeb spokesperson tells WebProNews. "However, because improving search rankings is desirable, achieving results can be both challenging and highly competitive."

PRWeb shared a case study with us, involving a firm that typically sees a boost in search engine rankings and a 50% spike in web traffic after they issue a release. In fact, for one release in particular, the firm saw a spike of 400% on two different Web sites, and the firm doesn’t believe they were from the same users. They also incorporate social media tools like Twitter to extend the "shelf life" of press releases, and say that drives additional traffic.

Peter Figueredo"If you want a release to rank highly in search engines you have to use key words and link those to your Web site," says Peter Figueredo, CEO of NETexponent, the subject of the case study.  "In addition, you need to put them in the release a few of times, for example in the headline, the sub-headline and again in the body. This is different from a traditional news release with a catchy headline where you may not have your key words included." 

"When we included a link to our press releases on Twitter and other social media networks, we saw these both expanded the scope of distribution and the extended the longevity of the announcement," adds Figueredo.  "With other news releases we saw an initial spike in Web site traffic on the first two days and then it dropped off.  With these features we’ve seen increases in traffic up to five days after the news release was issued."

Some have suggested that Twitter could actually replace the press release. I wouldn’t go that far, but it provides a complimentary service for announcing news quickly. The press release just has much broader potential. That hasn’t stopped at least one company from offering a service that provides one line "Twitter-style" press releases.

Muck Rack

When we think of press releases, we often think of distribution, which is a huge part of it definitely. But when using a newswire service like PRWeb, BusinessWire, PRNewswire, etc., don’t forget about your own website as well. Earlier this year I discussed how some companies’ own press centers are holding back some marketing opportunities for them.

Your site should have a section for press releases, and that should be up to date with the latest release when it goes out. You’d be surprised at how often these go without being updated even when a press release has been spotted elsewhere. It is also a good idea to link to any company blogs, Twitter accounts, or any other place where company announcements are made.

Another thing I notice is that many company press pages also do not have RSS feeds set up. Some offer different kinds of press alerts, but otherwise, they are relying on people to frequently check back to see what is happening. Google does this well. They announce a lot of their news via their wide range of blogs (which is a great strategy in itself), and while their press release section doesn’t get nearly as many updates, they offer a feed so that users know when it has been updated. They also provide links to other press-related resources where their latest info can be obtained.

The bottom line is that press releases inform interested parties of what is going on with your business. Despite their name, they’re not just about the press anymore. The web has made them available to anyone. Social media is an extension of this, and opens up the opportunity for sharing. Search engine rankings of course bring releases right to searchers. Make your releases good.

Do you get good boosts in traffic from press releases? Tell us about it.

Search Engine and Social Traffic from Press Releases
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  • http://www.squidoo.com/theclickbankprofitsystemreview Clickbank Profit System

    Didn’t know such a service was available to anyone. Thanks for the tip.

  • http://hubpages.com/profile/dame+scribe Gin

    I quite agree on the points made here about getting noticed and if you check your traffic tools , one will actually be quite surprised to find even celebrities will visit your site. It’s a great tool that should be used ‘professionally’ rather than spam like.

  • http://poseidonprofit.blogspot.com Article Marketing Distribution

    I didn’t know about that service. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.controldatainc.com ahency collection

    We have use these in the past. It really works well.

  • http://www.Tribal-Sports-Wear.net Wholesale T-Shirt Club

    After reading this article, it does seem to reason that press releases on the internet could indeed spike traffic. No to mention the trickle traffic that would follow for a bit afterwards. Maybe we should do a press release for our T-Shirts, Hoodies, and other Blank Apparel. The worse that could happen would be no traffic, but with action comes results.

  • http://www.satellitetv-news.com/ Sanjai

    I havent tried press release as a marketing statergy. Hope to give a try..

  • http://onemanbandwidth.com/wordpress Guest

    I have been using online PR for ten years as a way to leverage clients into top positions on search engines and get them added trafffic…

    Sites like Pitchengine and their SMR outreach as well as inexpensive distribution make them a must-do strategy for me…

  • http://www.wowzone.com Carmen Colombo

    The article is excellent, and I can see how a press release can have greatly enhanced exposure now, with all the social networks. Our site, www.wowzone.com had a joint PR with another company on PRNewswire in 2002, and we both had an amazing spike in traffic, which continued for a good while. I can only imagine the impact a well written press release can have now with all the social networks in full force as they are! Just be sure to use key words, and whatever is necessary to get attention in the title, because there will be thousands of others too, and people can only read so much until the next batch.

  • Tania Gi

    I have recently launched a price comparison site but i don’t know how i can make the press release for that. I mean to say how should i do that ?
    Tania Gi

  • http://www.cosmetologycollegeoptions.com/ Trish

    I have used press releases on a number of websites, topic as well as on CPA offers, with a relatively good response. I believe it to be a value added weapon in the marketers arsenal, especially for the budget conscious, as there are avenues that you can release your own.

  • http://www.coinliquidations.com Randy

    I have used press releases for my site and received good results in traffic increases from my niche marketing efforts.

  • http://theterracottainn.blogspot.com Tom Mulhall

    I have been using press releases for over 10 years to get business at our clothing optional resort in Palm Springs. Two weeks ago, I sent one out saying the Top 10 reasons to vaction at a nudist resort this summer.

    You don’t have to have real “news.” Think of something funny or “different. I have sent out press releases covering things Dear Abby wrote, celebrities said about nude sunbathig, etc.

    It really works. People will see you as an expert and every once in a while you will get contacted by the press for an unrelated story.

    I encourage everyone to do at least 6 releases a year. You will be amazed by your increase in sales.

    • ezikiel

      You shoud include a link to the 10 reasons? I am sitting here at a clothing required
      resort and wondering what are they

  • http://www.dynesystems.com Dian

    We have had very fast results of new customers seeing our press release. We have only tried it once so far, but plan another one soon.

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    We have experienced great results with several internet press releases.
    I would highly recommend the distribution of press releases online. Our campaign about the Alexy family and the Woodstock Fence Peace Signs, at http://www.PeaceFence.com is being very well received. We use all social networks, Twitter, blogs etc. To read more check out this beautiful Woodstock story: http://www.officialwire.com/main.php?action=posted_news&rid=13073

  • http://www.rentbrandon.com Rent Brandon

    I have people still contacting me for a service I first offered over three years ago and communicated through a press release. The service has since been discontinued and is no longer posted anywhere on my site, but people still find the old press release and contact us looking for the service. If the release is done right, it could have value for years.

  • http://www.zardssoftware.com Simon

    We have had great feed back from our press release for our software using the free press release release site http://www.freepressrelease.com.au it was fast and easy and got us lots of new hits on our site really worth giving a press release a shot.

  • http://www.emfsoftware.co.nr Paul

    You have to give press release a go if you want more traffic to your site. I used www.yourfreepressrelease.net and got many hits from my press release. There are a mix of free and paid services out there I suggest you try the free ones such as the site above first it worked well for me.

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    I submited a press release to advertise the new e-reader called the Amazon Kindle.
    I received quite a few hits fast. ck out the review site

    see info here!

  • http://www.vinsystech.com Vinsys

    I agree with this traffic from press releases

  • http://jettdigitals.com Terry J

    I have tried them a few times over the years and press releases do in fact work to drive traffic to a site. I have not thought of doing one for every new ‘minor’ product release, but may have to rethink this.

    Got to get one ready for my new site at http://mychoicedeals.com

    Thanks for the great article.


  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com/stunguns Official Safety and Security

    I’d like to try a press release to see what results I’d get but although traffic to my safety and security web site is good, conversions are what I’m really looking for. If tons of traffice don’t convert into sales, the money is down the drain. Thanks, Chris.

  • http://www.tenrox.com/ nashat

    I have tried them many times and press release do help in driving traffic to a site. I think it’s a great professional tool and should not be treated as spam.

  • http://juicer.gossip-juice.com/ Juicer

    Thank you for this insight!

  • http://www.keymultimedia.co.uk Dave Lakins

    Great article. We use Press Releases alongside Article Marketing for lots of our clients and find them a great way of building back links and raising a sites profile.

    It’s all in the content though – write well and build in some optimisation and your releases will fly!

  • Craig Wise

    Several years ago we put out a few Press Releases at pr.com about an invention that massively strengthens the bodies and hearts of people too old, obese or disabled to walk stand orswim.

    They triggered several dozen investors into calling us and our “Body Oars” have stayed on top of Google’s list under “Disabed Fitness device” ever since.

    Weand the investors are waiting for our patents to be issued. Thank you.

  • http://www.preferredseat.com/ GregC

    Good article, I’ve let that go the last few months and that’s just part of the whole equation.

  • http://seopardeep.wordspress..com pradeep chauhan

    Thanks For such use full article

    Press release as well as article drives drives lot of traffic to your sites and id these section are added in you site then we can get higher traffic in very less time…

    Pradeep chauhan

  • http://www.lerentech.com Web Design Syracuse

    Thanks for the article on this. I haven’t been using press releases as much but will try to more often.

  • David Nelson

    Some great insights, Cris.

    Newswire distribution does indeed go a long way towards building a company’s profile. Even one press release can make an enormous difference in terms of online visibility and traction with the public.


    If anyone is interested in trying a press release through PRNewswire (US) or CNW (Canada) or both, I would encourage you to contact me (416-863-2097 or david.nelson[AT]newswire.ca)

  • http://www.four-corners.com Drew Kerr

    I just wrote a whole article on BNET about the SEO powers of paid press release services, how they may backfire, and what little press may come from them.


  • http://www.anxietycause.org Janet

    I think it is worth mentioning that the press release strategy should not be considered a once off, set and forget strategy. But rather a continual submission of PRs over time, as well as monitoring the Page Rank(s) of the press releases as these have a tendency to rise too. Therefore one might even consider using the PR as an integral component of link building and generating page rank authority for both the main site as well as the press release url too.

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