Search done? These Two Say ‘Hell No’

    January 28, 2006

I have been checking into other search engines that do something better than the big three.

I’ve found two:

Quintura. Has a cool new UI. Here’s a demo. (You can try it out, but it requires a download and install of a client application). I find that this is a bit frustrating to use. I like iterating through many searches that are subsets of the first search and getting back to try a new search isn’t very intuitive. But, once you get used to it this is a really cool way to search cause it shows you the other possible choices.

Kosmix. This afternoon I talked with their executive team after getting out of the Entrepreneur event. I asked them what Google does better. Most things it turns out. But they found a really important place where they are dramatically better than Google. Where? Whenever you have an open-ended search that has no “right” answers. For instance, search Google for “Diabetes” and you’ll get 10 answers alright, but they are rarely useful results. Kosmix gives a lot better grouping of answers. Update: Kosmix’ Kevin Ota tells me they’ll turn on their engine with a better UI on February 7 (and a bunch of new features when they ship it officially at the Demo conference).

Is search done? Not according to these two companies.

Or, ask Gary Price of Search Engine Watch. He just linked to TVEyes that does a new keyword search of TV News Content and other video stuff.

Are you seeing other companies do cool things in the search world?

Robert Scoble is the founder of the Scobleizer blog. He works as’s Vice President of Media Development.

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