Schmidt Wants Yahoo To Stay Independent

    July 11, 2008

August 1st is getting quite close, and by all accounts, that date may well be Yahoo’s doomsday.  Only here’s an interesting point: there are more signs that Google is siding with those who would oppose Microsoft.

A weak indicator appeared in the form of a picture showing Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Jerry Yang sitting around a small table.  Page is smiling, and if you zoom in enough, it looks like Yang may be, as well.  Straight-faced Brin isn’t much help.

Jerry Yang
 Inconclusive Page-Yang-Brin Shot

Anyway, a more definitive show of Google’s support for Yahoo came from Eric Schmidt.  At the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, he said, "The world is better off with an independent Yahoo."  According to Reuters, Schmidt then continued,  "The moment we saw the offer from Microsoft, we saw it as anti-competitive.  It’s easy to understand. Look at Microsoft’s history."

Saving Yahoo to preserve marketplace competition would line up well with Google’s "do no evil" stance and some previous statements.  Of course, there’s a less jolly chance that Google would save Yahoo to preserve the companies’ current advertising deal and spare itself from dealing with Microhoo.

Either way, though, it looks like Jerry Yang has gained a powerful corporate ally.