SaveWhitePeople.com Protestor Strikes Back at Gay Pride Parade

    June 20, 2012
    John Vinson
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In April, I wrote about a website which completely blew me away with its stupidity. What really makes SaveWhitePeople.com’s particular brand of stupidity so interesting is that it is so well articulated. When thinking of someone who is racist or hateful in general, there’s usually an air of ignorance that coincides; which can either be noticed with terrible grammar or bad hygiene. Neither of which is apparent on their website (or in the photo below). In order to find the ignorance you have to dig a little deeper. In this case, it’s fashion.

This is the picture of the protester in the article I linked to above. Nothing in the photo has been Photoshopped.

(Credit: The Shield at USI)

The man who is known as John King has struck yet again, this time at a Kentuckiana Gay Pride parade. Where he stood lone, holding a protest sign which housed remarks I don’t want to repeat in typing. If you’re curious what these signs say, you can watch the video below. I will warn you, if this kind of stuff deeply disturbs you then I don’t recommend watching it. His sign makes disparaging remarks towards Tyler Clementi, the college student who killed himself after being harassed by his roommate.

So what I really want to know is – where are the socks and loafers?! I watched over six minutes of this non-sense and didn’t get to see if King tried to pull the combo off a second time. Foiled again.

King provides his contact information in the video (at the 5:56 mark). It should be noted that his Twitter account has been suspended, so we won’t be able to read the clever use of language he could have used in 140 characters. Needless to say, he probably would have ended up on the funniest tweets of the day for all the wrong reasons.

  • Jake

    Racist? That’s just because he’s WHITE and concerned about preserving his heritage. I shouldn’t have expected responsible journalism here..

    • jobie

      I am against no race, but I have to agree with you. I see nothing wrong with anyone being proud of their heritage, regardless of race.

      • Arthur

        You don’t see because you are blind. you don’t show pride in oneself by being racist and intolerant of others.

        • jov

          racist is word people use these days when they can’t really articulate what they mean – what you apparently mean is that you yourself are intolerant of this man – kind of blind yourself aren’t you?

  • Chris

    White is not a heritage

  • Amanda

    Everyone has the right to their opinions, my opinion is if this guy was in my hometown of Seattle on Pride Parade Day, he’d get his ass kicked like never before.

    • jov

      Ignorant people, like those in your hometown have a right to their opinions too but if they did physically attack that man i would hope they would spend a good time in jail

    • Mike

      Seattle, ha, what are going to do, pull his hair. hahaha

  • Torpedo

    Save White People….win valuable prizes!

  • Germania Jim

    Now that is one brave dissident, I agree sodomy is a perversion and so are the people who practice this filth. For them to parade around in broad daylight exposing this demonic filth to young children is further proof that the govt is sick in the mind as well.
    Thank God Russia saw the sickness in it and banned this sort of nonsense.

    • Anthony E

      Demonic? So you live in a fantasy land, and justify hatred by citing an invisible, imaginary friend. You’re clearly a White Supremacist and you should look to Henry Rollins for inspiration. Any time you shove a class of people into the back of the bus, they will march. If you haters would mind your own business, they wouldn’t march. If you have such a problem with gays being in the gene pool, let them be gay. Let them adopt kids. Then you won’t have that problem. The problem with anti-gay sentiment is that it’s usually held by the ignorant and the stupid, so there will never be a permanent solution from you folk. You act like everyone is gay, and that they’re just suppressing it to have kids. Well I’m an Atheist, and therefore I have no problem with homosexuality. I am not a homosexual. What does that say about you? Just admit you’re gay Jim and live out the rest of your life happy.

      • jov

        Atheist? So you believe in… nothing. And you have the utter audacity to show hatred for someone who believes in God?? And use that “reasoning” to attack his beliefs? Now That is Funny

    • Mike

      Jim, – Sodomy is performed in both hetero and homosexual relationships. So does your “enlightened” opinion also hold true for the heteros? From your anger I’m pretty sure no one would want to perform any sexual acts with you. Thank fully, the world is safer from you.

    • Mike

      Wow, So how well is that ban in Russia doing. did it all stop. Idiot

  • kaleb

    Again this website shows itself to be a leftist propaganda machine.

  • derpydrip

    Sadly the racist website seems to put more effort into presenting their bit than you do. You maybe dismissive of what these guys are doing but it certainly doesn’t excuse you for being intellectually lazy. It’s as if you struck out at tball yet are blaming the fat kid on third.